31 December 2009


“Find a Way to Make a Way,” starts off with a warning statement. I’m letting you know from the start that by picking up this book you are committing to becoming a better person. I am warning you, in no uncertain terms that, “the universe is watching and you shall be rewarded accordingly.” On the page after the warning statement, I am going to put you in a position to commit to your journey, by giving you space to affix your name the date to a “Pledge of Allegiance,” a pledge you are making to yourself and your dreams.

“Find a Way to Make a Way.” What does this mean? There comes a time in everyone’s life when after having to endure struggle after struggle and setback after setback, he or she reaches a moment of clarity and says, “I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired and I have had enough.” But just acknowledging you are dissatisfied about whatever your present situation may be does not make it better. It’s a start, because you are acknowledging that things need to change. Like an addict who cannot really find his or her way to sobriety until he or she admits within themselves that they are addicted, you cannot find your way to brighter days until you first admit that there is a dark cloud over your head.

I came up with the title for this book by just reflecting over my life after considering myself to be “in a happy place right now, that’s only getting better.” The reason for this is because I spent several years getting my mind right and then after reaping the benefits from that course of action, I found myself in a position where I was able to get my money right by taking responsibility for my past debts and educating myself towards handling what I have now so that I can have even more in the future.

I only wish to share some ideas with you. I only want to share what has worked for me with the hopes that it may work for you. I want for this book to be the match that lights the fire under your bottom to demand more … to demand more not from the world, your job, or the people around you, but to demand more from yourself. It is my hope that this book serves as a jump start to your soul, so that you can begin running towards achieving whatever you believe will make your life better. This book is mostly a testimony of my life’s journey’s past and present, as well as an extended hand inviting you to get on board and pay closer attention to your own life’s journey.

There are some things we can do and some things we can’t do. It’s easy to determine what we can’t do. All we have to do is say, “I can’t do it,” and abra-kadabra … you can’t do it. There are some things that we will do and some things that we won’t do. It’s easy to determine what we won’t do. All we have to say is “I won’t do it,” and abra-kadabra … like magic, you won’t. It’s just as easy – yet at the same time difficult to say what you can and will do. Talk is easy – and cheap; however, what makes it difficult is when you say you can, and when you say you will, you are making affirmations to yourself that – if you are a person of integrity – you have to commit and live up to. The words “commitment” and “integrity” will be repeated countless times throughout this book. Commitment means the act of binding yourself (intellectually or emotionally) to a course of action. Integrity means adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.

Throughout reading the book you see that in order for you to be able to successfully “Find a Way to Make a Way” to overcome the obstacles you will face on your journey, you will have to bind yourself to your course of action, and you will have to be honest and true to yourself and to those around you. When I tell you that you have to bind yourself to your course of action, it is not an absolute. There will come times when you will have to change your approach. What you are in fact binding yourself to is the act of doing something over doing nothing. Integrity comes into play because you have to be honest with yourself when something isn’t working, and whichever change in course you decide to take, you must honorable in those actions as well.

On every single page of “Find a Way to Make a Way,” it is easy to see that I believe there is greatness in everyone. I also believe that most people are either too afraid or too lazy to tap into that greatness, Those of us – yes, you too, who are willing to draw a line in the sand, and instead of daring the universe to cross it – jump across it ourselves are the ones who will live life with passion and excitement!

I hope you take a chance and invest in your greatness ... I'm willing to!


Available in print & Audiobook! To get a personally autographed copy from the author, send an e-mail to findaway@live.com.

29 December 2009

How Am I Getting Along with Diabetes?

I have been asked that question quite often since last month.
So to answer all questions in detail ...In a word, I'm doing great!

When this whole thing first went down, I should have been in a coma. By that, I mean the normal & healthy range for our blood sugar is between 80 to 120 mg/dl (whatever that is ...lol). When I tested myself at Taria's parent's house that night last month my blood sugar was at 518. I ate dinner, took a nap for about an hour and tested myself again when I woke up. My blood sugar was at 525, so we went to the hospital. When they tested me at the hospital my blood sugar was 580. I had the nursing staff perplexed because I was cracking jokes about them not letting me eat anything instead of being the diabetic coma that I obviously should have been in.

Anyway, they had me on an I.V. for the following three days. When I got discharged, they put me on a restricted daily diet of (initially) 1800 calories - but I got that changed to 2200 calories, and for the first three to four weeks out of the hospital Taria was my food nazi, regulating every single thing I ate and calculating the calories. They also gave me a device to check my blood sugar. I have always eaten decently, now I'm just even more disciplined about it. I can even enjoy drinking ... everything is all good ... in moderation. I almost had to beat up my mother in-law on Christmas morning because she tried not to let me have regular syrup on my pancakes ... It almost got really ugly (LOL)!

I'm at a point now where I'll check my blood sugar about twice a week. In fact, I tested myself today and it was at 121. I'm down 20lbs from where I was when this all started, but I was already dieting to lose that weight, so I'm NOT giving Diabetes the win for my weight loss!

For me ... I take care of myself. I take my insulin & a sugar pill twice a day. It's no different than you taking a multi-vitamin in the morning and before you go to bed. That's how I look at it. When I told people I had Diabetes, I got so much of what I call, "Positive-Pessimistic" support. I gave it that name because I know that everyone was coming from a good place, but there were things said to me that would have people thinking I told them I had AIDS, herpes or cancer! Diabetes for me was nothing more than God's way of telling me that I need to take even better care of this temple He stored my spirit in because He's got some serious plans for it!

I'll treat Diabetes like I've treated every other obstacle or opponent I've encountered ... I'll look it in the face, turn it around and kick it in the ass!

`Nuff Said!
You have a Happy New Year!


From time to time I create mottos for myself just to give myself that extra push I need to overcome my obstacles. My "personal motto" for 2009 was "Aggressive R.A.C.'N. ('racing')," which stands for Aggresive "Responsibility Accountability Commitment & Networking."

Being aggressive in all of these areas brought me great rewards this year. I was able to overcome serious financial issues - including paying off my car note a year early, expand my businesses, make a lot of great friends & connections, fly across the country "first class" for the first time ever in my life, and be broadcasted on everything from local cable to YouTube to worldwide exposure on Jamie Foxx's Foxxhole Radio on Sirius/XM Satellite radio station.

In light of all I have achieved this year, I have come up with what will be my "personal motto" for 2010: "G.R.I.N.D." which stands for "Generating Real Income - Not Debt."

By now, many of you know I have written a motivational book entitled "FIND A WAY TO MAKE A WAY!" If you bought your copy between Spetember `07 & April of this year (the "black" cover), you should hold onto it and take care of it, as those are the copies that I self-published and are now out of print.

Last year, I signed a publishing deal and hit 2009 hard with my book being re-released as a 2nd edition - available as a 5 CD audiobook as well as in print! Additionally, I have produced my first of what will be many motivational CDs. This dynamic 48 minute audio CD is called "MAKE IT HAPPEN! 10 Keys Towards Success!"

In a nutshell, I am a student of success. All I do is attend seminars, read books, and listen to CDs & tapes containing different strategies to succeed. I use what works, discard what doesn't, then share what I have learned and done so that others may do the same.

Going into 2010, I am pleased to inform you that my books & CDs are now available on E-Bay ("Buy It Now" - NO AUCTIONS). All copies bought via the links below are autographed & shipped by me personally. All you have to do is go to http://www.ebay.com, copy & paste the corresponding item number for the product you want in the search box:

"FIND A WAY!" (Print Copy):
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The time to act on achieving your goals and dreams is ALWAYS NOW!
look forward to your support!

God Bless, Happy New Year & Remember ... FORTUNE FAVORS THE BRAVE!

25 December 2009

Millionaire in the Making

Videos like this are exactly why I will be focusing on
financial literacy,
financial empowerment,
& financial independence in 2010!

(Just in case you cannot see the above video, follow the link below!)


20 December 2009

HRJR - "FIND A WAY!" Progress & "Thank You" Shout-Outs

This was a tremendous year with many more up's than there were down's and I'd like to give some folk their due shine. If I do not mention your name, however, please know that it was a mistake of the head & NOT the heart!

10 December 2009

The New Motto for 2010 ... G.R.I.N.D.

What are your goals for 2010?

Personally, 2008 was a horrible year for me. Money was tight. I had problems with my job. I had problems with my mortgage company, and several times throughout the year my wife and I were not getting along (nothing threatening to the marriage, but there were times when there was just a lot of silence in the house). No matter what, the one thing I kept in my mind was that the year had to come to an end, and with that in there was a brighter day.

At the start of 2009, I created an acronym: R.A.C.N. "R" stands for Responsibility. "A" stands for Accountability. "C" stands for Commitment, and "N" stands for Networking. I placed the word "aggressive" in front of it, and that became a model for the year. I was aggressive in taking responsibility for my life. I was aggressive and being accountable for my failings and setbacks. I was aggressively committed to improving my life, and I approached networking very aggressively. As a result my business improved, my income improve, my marriage improved, I was able to meet a lot of new people, and even travel around the country.

That acronym got me through the entire year of 2009. Certainly it will continue to benefit me as a move forward on my journey; however, in order to get new results we have to try new tactics.

Therefore, for the year 2010 on creating a new acronym: G.R.I.N.D., which stands for "Generate Real Income - Not Debt.” One thing I've noticed is that all year long I always talked about "being on the grind" will now more so than ever moving forward toward grind will have an entirely new meaning. Additionally, this acronym sums up my goals for the year 2010.

Stuart Wilde, author of the book "The Trick to Money is Having Some!" wrote "If one asks, ‘Do you sincerely want to be rich?’ Most people answer, ‘Yes,’ but not many of those answering in the affirmative lax with me. They can imagine well in a lush lifestyle, but they don't really believe they can have it, or they don't believe they are worthy, or they are happy for those fantasies to rest solely in the mind do not actually have the force of intention to go out and get what they want.”

One reason why most people won't achieve financial success is because most people are afraid of putting in the work necessary to succeed financially. One of the most enlightening things I'm learning on my journey is that there is enough of an abundance of wealth for everyone, however, not everyone goes after the share that the universe has allotted for them. As a result this creates even more of a surplus of wealth in the world.

Some people are satisfied with just settling for a little bit of comfort. However, I submit to you that sleeping on the ground is more comfortable than sleeping under the ground; sleeping on a cot more comfortable than sleeping on the ground, and sleeping in the bed is more comfortable than sleeping on a cot. So as you can see, the concept of comfort to subjective to whatever standards the person deems appropriate for him or herself.

Ultimately you have to do what's comfortable for you.
Me... going into 2010...


15 November 2009

Boot Camp Motivation #4

"If you stop reaching for your goals today, when you speak of 'back in the day' all you will have between now & then is a littany of failures, woulda' been's, shoulda' been's, coulda' been's & shame." ~ HSRjr

11 November 2009

Thoughts From My First Book Signing

I have come to learn that life is so much better when you determine for yourself wherein which your greatness lives. Success is creating your own destiny - Not waiting for someone who is just as human as you to validate your greatness. Why be a peasant in the eyes of others when you can see a king everytime you look in the mirror?

Whose eyes do you believe - theirs ... OR YOURS?!

08 November 2009

Boot Camp Motivation # 3


WOW ... This past week was crazy! I had to go home early from work last Sunday because I was sick to my stomach. Don't know where it came from, but something died inside of me! I went home & took it down, but got up and went right back to work the next day and finished the rest of my four day tour of duty!

I went on a short road trip last Tuesday and when I got home early Wednesday morning all I could do was collapse in bed! I spent 90% of Wednesday, Thursday & Friday in bed. First was the fever, then came the chills, and I was drinking so much water ... You can imagine the results!

Saturday - yesterday - I gave my friend my word that I would speak at her Sorority's business workshop, so I dug deep and pulled out a great presentation.

My theme for this past week is, "Sometimes You Gotta Play Hurt." If you can get out of bed then you've got to hit the ground running. You might only be operating at 70% or 80%, but if the opposition doesn't know what to expect from you, and they only see you coming at as full blast as you can muster ... that might be all you need to bowl them over & be victorious!

Never let `em see you sweat!

07 November 2009


Hi everyone, I've been down for a few days but I have not been out!

Today I spoke at the 15th Annual Making Achievement Continuous Conference given by the distinguished and sophisticated ladies of the Delta Chapter of the Chi Sigma Upsilon Latin Sorority Incorporated at The College of New Jersey.

I promise to return to my blog responsibilities, but I'm also going audio!

I found a great outlet to produce podcasts, and the more acclimated I get to it the more live & direct messages you're going to get from me!!

Enjoy today's speech!

31 October 2009

Boot Camp Motivation #2

"I don't like the idea of writing people off, but life is too short to have people who live like dead weight holding me back or slowing me down.

What happens when a ship is sinking - what do they get rid of? ... DEAD WEIGHT. They do this not out of malice, but as a means of survival.

Imagine how smooth sailing through life can be if you drop the dead weight BEFORE your ship starts sinking!" ~ HSRjr.

Boot Camp Motivation #1

"I'm telling you that you can become successful - rich - WEALTHY even; that is, if you really want to.

Now is that "Easier Said Than Done?" Yeah, but if you're one of those people who uses that as an excuse to do nothing to reach that goal, I'm not just calling you a punk ...

I'm calling you a BROKE ASS PUNK!

Don't like it? TUFF! ... Get off your butt, and fight for your share of what's out there!"


Welcome to "Boot Camp Motivation"

Hey ...

I have often said that I am not the typical "PollyAnna/happy - shiny/pat a person on the bottom" type of motivational speaker. In my heart I believe that people are afraid of what they need most ... TRUTH; however, like Jack Nicholson's character said in the movie "A Few Good Men:" "YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!"

Well, I don't accept that. I believe that if people were to begin facing some of the ugly truths in their lives, they would be better equipped to conquer & overcome many of the pitfalls & setbacks in their lives.

There is no greater motivator than a United States Military Drill Instructor! They demand and accept nothing less than the best, and then they demand even more. Better yet, they actually get what they demand! "D.I.'s" tell you what they expect of you, show you how to do it, correct you when you flub it up, and then commence to laying into you until you get it right. Realizing that there's no way to escape them, you begin to produce accordingly; and as you do, the heat goes down ... a little bit.

With that said, I am beginning a new style of post to this blog ... "BOOT CAMP MOTIVATION!"

I am going to begin sharing some thoughts and feelings with you; and short of cussing, I'm not going to pull any punches. I am warning you now ... There is no room for political correctness or faux niceties on the journey to success. Expecting to succeed in these times armed only with a smile and a good intention is like expecting to sail around the world in a row boat. You have to prepare to face and conquer the storms and obstacles you will have to endure.

Sometimes you have to get your feelings hurt in order to strengthen your heart. Know that this motivation is coming from and meant to go to a good place.

Welcome to Boot Camp Motivation!

19 October 2009

19 Oct. 2009 ... Today's Thought

God forgives. So move on with YOUR journey & leave your problems and the people who caused them in His hands. With one hand He will solve those problems, and with the other hand He will make a speed-dial call to Karma and set the wheels in motion for them to get theirs.

You ... might be able to get someone back really good, but can't nobody get got the way God can get them.

"Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord." Rom. 12:19

17 October 2009

Fathers ... STEP UP!

Some people might be disturbed by this video.

ASK ME IF I CARE! I'm just spitting truth as I see it. If you feel I should have said something or all of it differently, then you STEP UP and say what you want - however you want.


BE More Than They SEE

So often in life we are disuaded from achieving our dreams by people who tell us what we are not capable of. After all, the reason why your friends are your friends is because you all share some common interests with one another. But what happens when you develop an interest that is not shared by the other person - or the other people in your sphere?

I remember when I decided to leave school and join the Air Force. That was SO not my character - at least as how I was seen by my family and friends; however, I knew I wanted to do something different with my life at that time and that was the choice I made. I got the same reaction from most of those same people years later when I made the decision to become a police officer. Again, I violated the image that was held by those around me; however, I was doing so to better myself and to find self-satisfaction and not live up to someone else's expectations of what, who, or how I should be.

And now ... Now that I am a published author, I have done it yet again. So many people - especially those I work with - only see me as one way. In other words, they see my uniformed persona and figure that's who I am all the time in their minds. A select few know that is far from the truth. Many people who know me - who see me on a daily basis - can't envision me as a speaker or a writer.

But you know what? That doesn't bother me. Why should it? Why should I be bothered by what someone else cannot see in me? Why should you allow youself to be disuaded from reaching for your dreams by people who claim to care about you? You see ... these are the people I call the "Bubble Busters." They cannot envision a better way for themselves, so they work overtime at insuring you cannot see a better way for yourself.

Why can I not be a speaker? Because "so & so" cannot see him - or herself standing before a room full of strangers - or even friends, acquaintances, and or colleagues and giving a speech, I can't be capable of doing so? I THINK NOT!! Why can I not be a writer? Because "so & so" cannot see him - or herself making the time to write down a stray thought here and there over the years, and then compile and format those thoughts & ideas into a blog; an essay, a short story or even a book? I THINK NOT!!

Why can't you live up to your dreams? Because "so & so" said you weren't worthy? HOGWASH!! I may not have read my bible and my Qu'ran from cover to cover, but I am 99.9999% certain there are not scriptures in either doctrine that refer to a "so & so" telling us we are unworthy of achieving our dreams. What I do know is the devil is a liar, as is anyone who tells you that you are incapable of succeeding if you have it in your heart to put in the work necessary to succeed! Now, I can see if it's someone who is where you want to be and they are telling you that you need to improve yourself. But even if that person is instead destroying your hopes, you must understand why.

There are two dynamics at play here:

(1) Either the person does not want to see you succeed because they cannot (as Zig Ziglar says) "See the reaching" for themselves; i.e., the "misery loves company" & "Crabs in a barrell" scenarios.

or ...

(2) They do see that spark in you, and instead of fanning that spark into a flame of achivement, they try to squash it out because they are afraid that you will either rise to their level and or perhpas even surpass them; in which case they feel threatened by you.

I say to hell with them both! There is so much in this world. God gave us all of this for the taking, but taking something without having earned it or having it rightfully bestowed upon you nothing more than stealing.

Who do you want to be? What do you want to be? Don't worry about what other people can or cannot see in you ... BE more than what they SEE, and once you've become it, you will be the better person for it!

Take Care

Thinking About Money

Ever since I made the decision to start my own business, one of the first things I learned to do was change my outlook on money. I changed the way I thought I was supposed to spend, save, earn & make money. As a matter of fact the very first thing I learned was that there is a significant difference between earning money & making money.

In short, if your only source of income is your job, then I regret to inform you that you are not "making" money - you are earning it. The difference is this ... when you go to work, we show up and punch in. You work for however many hours for the day and then you punch out & go home. At the end of the week you are compensated for the time we worked. You "earned" that money.

However, let's say you find a way to convert an intangible idea into a tangible product - or you create, improve or provide some kind of service wherein which you place your own price upon that product or service. When people come along who are willing to & actually do pay your set price for that product or service; well then my friend, you have made money.

I have debated this issue with people for the past three years - ever since I adopted & implemented this mindset in my life. Who is right? Well, I can only say that in that time I have made more money believing in & using this way of thinking, than those who have debated me and not used it.

That mindeset has allowed me to ascend from being a renter to being a homeowner. It has allowed me to travel across the country, and has allowed me to reduce my debt significantly. In fact, I'm one to two months ahead on many of my utility bills! My student loans are paid off IN FULL; I have no significant credit card debt, and my next car note payment isn't due until December!

If you want to change how much money you have in your pocket and in the bank, you need to change how you deal with money in your mind. The dollar - that paper product - that people both live & die chasing after - is not money. It's currency, and currency is nothing more than a tool used to implement & manifest your ideas & visions into reality. Money is an idea, and however you view that idea will manifest itself in your life.

By that, I mean if you believe that the only people who are supposed to have money are the people who you see on TV, in the movies, and who you listen to on the radio; or wherever you think "rich people" are supposed to be - and you are not one of those people - you then exclude yourself from where you believe the money is; and thus you are excluding yourself from the money!

The people who I observe to be doing well financially are those who start out working for their money, but then reach a point where they shift gears and then begin making their money work for them. It's like watching two cars start off next to each other and travel for a given distance then one of the drivers switches gears and leaves the other car in the dust.

I have a friend who started working for UPS (United Parcel Service) right after high school, who after just over 20 years of employment, is getting ready to retire. While everyone is running around using the economy as an excuse for not doing well, this man is getting ready to retire. How?

Well it's quite simple. He busted his butt for a certain amount of years earning & saving his money. Then he "switched gears" and began investing his money in stocks and real estate. His stocks "make" him money because they continue to perform well. Because he "provides" homes for his renters, he "makes" money there as well. Truth be told ... I wish I had his focus back then!

Ultimately, there is no excuse for being broke. We're all human beings made from the same stuff. The only thing that truly separates us are our circumstances. You cannot choose where you are born or where you grow up, but at some point you can choose where and how you live. When you reach that point, it's all on you. You have to be just as willing to accept accountability for your unfavorable conditions as you would be to take credit for your successes.

There is more than enough wealth out there for us to have. It will never run out! However, if you don't feel you're worthy to have any of it, you will never bring yourself to do what's required to obtain your rightful share of it. If that's how you want to live, that's fine by me. I have no problem taking your share while I'm going after mine.

What is my definition of "MONEY?"


06 October 2009

HRJR Grinding on the West Coast!

This has been an amazing trip! I say this because it never ceases to amaze me how many things can be accomplished not just by believing in yourself, but by also putting in the work necessary to actually accomplish those things. In the beginning of the year I set a goal to aggressively improve my life & my business. I made up the acronym RAC'N (racing), which stands for Responsibility, Accountability, Commitment, & Networking. By increasing each of these attributes into my life I have been blessed to meet a whole lot of great people. Many have helped me, and I have been able to help many of them.

Earlier this year, through networking I came to know a young woman who is the epitome of a person "on the grind." Her name is Claudia Jordan, and she is a model, TV & radio personality. Over the course of the past several months, I have been a frequent & welcomed caller on her radio show. When I informed her that I was a motivational speaker and an author, she asked for a copy of my book and invited me out to Los Angeles to be a guest on her show.

I came out to L.A. on Sunday, and did that show last night:

Below are some special words from me to you!

22 September 2009

How to Make an EXTRA $1,000.00 a Year!

I have a confession to make.

I really do wish, now, that I had paid better attention to certain subjects back when I was in school. Math is one of them. Real talk, I graduated high school in 1988 - but it wasn't until 1996 that I was made to understand how percentages really worked. It was work-related & I really had a good "business" teacher. In a nutshell ... if you're kid - or even you if your still in school - asks "How is math going to help me make money in the future?"

Well here are a couple examples of how that question can be answered!

Would you like to put an extra $1000/year in your pocket? If the answer is "yes" the solution is really simple and does not require an kind of fancy investing or multi-level marketing.

All you have to do is just stash $38.46 every payday! Most of us are paid every two weeks for a total of 26 paydates for the year. Well $38.46 x 26 paydates = $1,000 (actually $999.96, but are we going to split hairs over four cents?).

So, what if you were to stash $38.46 EVERY WEEK?! $38.46 x 52 paydates = $2,000 (actually $1,999.92, but are we going to split hairs over eight cents?).

Don't believe it can be done? Why not? Does that $38.46 per week, or every other week interfere with your leisure money? How much do you spend on lunch every day? How much do you spend at the club on the weekends? How much did those Stacy Adams or latest basketball shoes cost & how often do you buy a new pair?

Recently, a friend of mine asked me, "With the current state of the economy do you think The Rule of 72 still applies?" For those who don't know what "the Rule of 72" is, it is a method for estimating an investment's doubling time. The number in the title is divided by the interest percentage per period to obtain the approximate number of periods (usually years) required for doubling. You'll see how it works in how I answered his question.

My answer was as follows:

It certainly does apply! In today's economy it shows you how you're NOT going to make any money by giving your money to a bank. You're lucky if you can get 2% on an 18 month CD nowadays! So by the Rule of 72, 72 divided by 2 = 36. That means if you put $500 in a CD, it's going to take THIRTY SIX YEARS to turn that $500 into $1,000.00.

But if you take that $38.46 every two weeks and put it wherever you like, in 6 months you've gone from $0.00 to $500; and in just anonther 6 months, you've doubled THAT!


What if you disciplined yourself to open up an "untouchable stash" account and put that $38.46 in it every two weeks - not touching it for 20 years? The key words are "discipline" & "untouchable." It will seem hard, but in time you will see the dollars just stack up and stack up ... AND ... if you do put the money in a bank, you'll make up that four to eight cents difference in interest!

Simple math. That's all this is. I used "$38.46" because that exact number gets you closest to $1,000.000 for the year; however, what if you can afford to stash $50 per paycheck? That's $1300 for the year, and $26,000 over 20 years! ALSO ... Since this money is already coming from your take home pay, there are no taxes to pay over the years because you've paid them already!

Look, there are no secret formulas here. Nothing to sell. This is just the application of simple math and implementin the discipline within yourself to follow the
"First Rule of Gold" ... "PAY YOURSELF FIRST!"

Ever since I first posted this article on my own blog (www.HRJR.blogspot.com), I have friends who have taken this advice, opened up "Untouchable Accounts," and by putting in the amounts that worked for them; in just five weeks, were able to put away between $200 - $500! I have also encountered people who have played the role of skeptic or bubble-buster, and have done nothing. As a result, the only thing extra in their pocket is lint!

If anyone else has a better plan to put $20K -$26K CASH MONEY in my hands in 20 years time ... I'm all ears!

21 September 2009

21 Sep 2009 ... Today's Thought.

"The only way the cream rises to the top is when the BUTTer is WHIPPED!"

~ HSRjr.

17 September 2009

What's Your Plan for the Future?

Time consists of 3 elements: Past, Present, Future.

Use the past to learn from & make the present count. Use the present to plan for the future.

The future is THEN & the present is NOW. As sure as the sun rises in the East & sets in the West THEN ALWAYS BECOMES NOW.

Are you prepared for when THEN become NOW?

If you wait for when THEN becomes NOW to decide to act IT'S ALREADY TOO LATE!

13 September 2009

H.S. Reed, Jr., CPLC.

"CPLC" ... What does "CPLC" stand for?

Well friends ... "CPLC" stands for "Certified Professional Life Coach."

What is a Life Coach?

According to Elizabeth Scott, M.S. ... a Life Coach "deals with relatively healthy people who want to improve their lives in specific ways, such as changing careers, finding a healthy relationship, taking their business to a new level, losing weight or deepening their self-understanding. They deal with stress management as well as time management, goal setting and other key areas of change to help their clients lead more balanced lives that better reflect clients’ personal values and priorities. It differs from therapy in that the focus is more on the present and future than the past, more on goals and behaviors than emotions and emotional patterns, and there is a more equal balance of power between the coach and client than between the typical therapist and client."
Activist & U.S. Congresswoman, Shirley Chisolm once said, "Service is the rent that we pay for the space that we occupy on this earth." This is just yet another way I am "paying my rent."

As a Life Coach, it is not my job to give you the answers. Together we'll develop a partnership in which you will be able to discover the potential for greatness that I already know you have within you!

Athletes have coaches to push & motivate them towards victory. Each and every one of us is playing in this "game" called life, and if you want to be victorious in this game you're going to need a coach too!

For more information about your free consultation, contact me at: CoachReed4Life@live.com

Take Care, God Bless & Remember ... Fortune Favors the Brave!
H.S. Reed, Jr., CPLC

08 September 2009

"FIND A WAY!" Has Found It's Way!

It's been a LONG TIME coming, but the day has finally arrived!


You can get your copy via:

* Barnes & Noble:

Also available on

* Amazon:

* Borders:
http://www.Borders.com, &

* Tate Publishing:

I am living my dream.
Learn how to start living yours!


07 September 2009

Humility Works Wonders!

As a Motivational Speaker, author, and Life Improvement Coach, I am often asked for advice. I also offer a great many encouraging words, but the one area I tend to stay clear of is giving relationship advice. It's the one area where even after ten years of being with the same woman and married to her for eight of those years; and with two kids in, I am still learning the ropes myself. I just do not yet possess the confidence to go about seriously telling other people how to live rich and fulfilling lives together in matrimonial bliss or any other kind of romantically inclined relationship. However, throughout all the ups and downs my wife and I have had over the years we have discovered something that can only be described as a "marital epiphany."

Throughout a great many personal and professional peaks and valleys I have endured over the past couple of years, the one person who has been by my side - come hell or high water - has been my wife, Taria.

About three weeks ago, I let her know that her take on several matters I and we had been dealing with throughout the year was right. With both of us being strong-willed and occasionally stubborn (me more so), this admission was like a light switch being flipped in our relationship.

In fact, it has become somewhat of a fun game between us where we share things with one another and instead of deflecting fault or responsibility; we simply acknowledge that the other person was right, share a chuckle in that the other person conceded, and we move on. Hell, for all I know this little "epiphany" has added years to our marriage!

Now if you're married and you and your spouse are already getting down like this, God bless you & more power to you! But if you're still young & new in your relationship, you might want to take this little bit of advice ... Being right doesn't mean squat if your spouse or partner doesn't acknowledge it, and being wrong will only set to make matters worse if you don't acknowledge it.

A little humility with the one who is supposed to have your back against the world will go a LONG way!

God Bless,

06 September 2009

6 Sept. 2009 ... Today's Thought.

"I had a problem with someone once. So as not to engage in an unproductive argument, I wrote down my feelings & sent them in a letter. The letter was returned unopened. Everything could have been easily resolved; however, our relationship like that letter shall remain forever closed. Resolution must be a mutual effort. Make sure you do your part, & you can walk away with a clear conscience. The hurt will heal in time!" ~ HSRjr.

02 September 2009

2 Sept 2009 ... Today's Thought.

Why are immigrants more likely to become millionaires in America than those people who are born here?

1. They realize that the "American Dream" is something they have to earn.

2. Because they weren't born here, they already know that the "American Dream" is neither a birthright or automatic entitlement.

3. They come here with the mindset to START A BUSINESS while we're born & live here with the mindset to GET A JOB.

25 August 2009

25 Aug 2009 ... Thought of the Day.

Time ... Time is the one thing I have a wealth of that I don't owe anybody. You may not yet be debt-free, but as long as you have more time than money, you have plenty of time to repay whatever money you may owe.

Even if you run out of money; if you still have time you can use that time to make more money. If/when you run out of time, it doesn't really matter how much money you may or may not have.

Does it?

17 August 2009

When Will People Realize that Success Takes Time?

Through my personal studies and experience, I have come to learn that people who are not where they want to be can give you a million and one reasons why they can't seem to get ahead. On the flipside, the person who is grinding and steadily making it work for himself only needs to give you ONE reason why he can.

Times are hard. I get that. Now what? Speaking of time, people need to realize that it takes time to make things happen. It is unfortunate that we live in a disposable society that demands everything be provided instantly.

People need to realize that it took time to end up wherever they are; and if they want things to get better, it's going to take some degree of time to get to there. The problem is people don't want to look back on their mistakes, take responsibility for them, and learn from them. No ... they would much rather find someone or something else to blame.

Whether a person is choosing to start his or her own business or just find a job to keep the lights on and food on the table, that person must (1) set a goal; (2) develop a plan to make it a reality; (3) TAKE ACTION; and, (4) be flexible enough to analyze the steps they've taken & realize whether or not their actions are taking them closer to their goal or pulling them away.

Time, my friend ... Time is the one tool that can be made, used, spent, or wasted. Those who spend their time making the time to use their time rarely spend their time wasting time ... and IN TIME a bum can become a king.

17 Aug 2009 ... Today's Thought.

"It will not always be easy to find your way, but what is most important is that when realize you are where you don't want to be, you decide to take action to get to where you do want to be. If you're serious about the moves you want to make, all of the resources you need will find their way to you!"

~ HSRjr.

16 August 2009


Sherman Williams:
Developing Self-Discipline and Overcoming Procrastination. Overcoming fear of success.


It just so happens that I am very big on those things. Anyone who has read the past couple of posts here surely understands that I am hard on matters involving "Self." This is because I want people to begin taking responsibility for themselves and understanding that everything starts from within. People have to stop waiting for the next person to do the things necessary to bring into their lives the things they want to have, and the reality is the majority of people in the world carry themselves just that way; whether they know it or not, or whether they want to admit it or not.

People need to become very much more cognizant of the words they use. Most people tend to say things and not realize or even care about the meanings behind what they say; however, the reality is that the things we say are like food to the subconscious mind. What happens most of the time is that we incorporate phrases into our lexicon that do not benefit us in any way. However, we go through life like this and wonder why we're not exactly where we want to be. Here's an example ... how many times have you either said or heard someone say, "it's cold as hell!" If you take a moment to THINK about that statement, does it make sense?

So, with that said, it's rather difficult to tell people how to improve things like "Self-" confidence, "Self-" control, "Self-" esteem, and "Self-" discipline. By use of the very word "Self," it should be understood that these are things that are discovered and developed from within. Anyone lacking in these areas must first acknowledge that lacking. This is not difficult because when there is chaos in one's life it is more than likely because one or more of these things is missing.

In any case, the solution is really just as simple as people knowing what the words mean and then implementing those meanings into their lives. On the other hand, the difficulty lies in taking the necessary actions involved with discovering those meanings and actively implementing them into their lives. This is nothing more than the battle between "theory and application." Theoretically just about anything is possible; however, when it comes to the actual "application" of the theoretical, that's where the problems may occur. In other words, it's the age old saying "easier said than done." The problem with that is people will say just that and use it as an excuse to do nothing.

These leads me to the issue of procrastination. In my book, "FIND A WAY TO MAKE A WAY!" there is a lesson which I entitled, "Procrastination Gives You Psychic Ability." In a nutshell, when you put off doing that which you know you have to do, you pretty much predict that down the line you will not be where you want to be or fully accomplish the objective set before you. You see, people are driven by two equally powerful forces ... pain and pleasure.

Sadly, those who procrastinate do so because the immediate pleasure of doing nothing is more important than the pain associated with actually putting in the work necessary to succeed. Even more sad; because in the end, since the work necessary to succeed was put off, whatever work that was done - if any - may not have been enough to do the job right, and thus you end up with lackluster results. In the end, the majority of people are more willing to work harder to avoid pain than they are willing to achieve pleasure.

However, what they fail to realize is that the true pleasures of success come only after overcoming the obstacles that lay before them. No one ever became successful by putting off the work necessary to achieve success. In short, the best way to overcome procrastination is prioritize your tasks, and then take action towards completing them. You could be standing directly above a buried treasure; however, it really wouldn't matter if it were buried five feet or five miles beneath your feet, if you were to keep putting off picking up a shovel and digging for it.

Now ... let's talk about this "fear of success." I do not believe one bit that people are afraid of success. It just does not make any sense whatsoever ... Kind of like that "cold as hell" thing we talked about earlier. There are certain things that are mandatory requirements that must be possessed in order for someone to become successful. Things like courage, endurance, and tenacity to name a few. Becoming successful takes effort. It takes hard work. So let's have a little reality check here, shall we? People are not afraid of becoming successful, they are afraid of putting in the work necessary to become successful. Sometimes people will work just hard enough to reach a certain level in life and then just even off and squat where they are. Some find themselves happy right where they are, and if that's the case, then cool ... more power to `em. However, there are those who say that they want more out of life, but they are not willing to do what is required to get it. They might say, "someday I'm gonna' ..." but they never really do.

In the end, our collective successs lies in our ability to bring out the best within ourselves individually. We must learn to hold ourselves accountable to ourselves and take responsibility for our own lives. Our success or failure does not lie in what our friends do, what the government does, or what our bosses and co-workers do. It's about what WE do for ourselves. We must envision the life and the future we want for ourselves, and then set the goal to make those dreams a reality. Then we must take the necessary action to educate ourselves and obtain whatever training and skills are necessary to WORK towards achieving those goals. Finally, we must TAKE ACTION.

In the end, when it comes to "Developing Self-Discipline, Overcoming Procrastination & Overcoming Fear of Success," there ain't nothing to it but to do it ...

But that's "easier said than done," isn't it?


Christopher Owens:
Mr. Reed. I read your blog in response to Debora's challenge about people who have lost hope, become depressed, become negative, lost trust in their own abilities, and seem to have become their worst enemy.

You wrote: "There is nothing I can say to a person to build them up and shine if they are not willing to flip the switch to the “on” position within themselves."

You used the word INSPIRATION backwards to show the phrase “Acting Spirit Within.”

"ATION" - The result of an action or process.
"SPIR" - The root of the word "SPIRIT".
"IN" - as in "WITH-IN."

I’m not a motivational speaker but I want to motivate you not to become “Hopeless” in motivating those who have become hopeless. It is easy to “motivate” those who are already motivated. Are you really motivating them or are they really motivating themselves?

So my challenge to you is how can you help flip the switch in the “on” position within others so that they can utilize the “Acting Spirit Within” In other words, how can you help bring the spirit alive in people who are spiritually dying?

Mr. Owens,

I understand your response, but let me ask you this ... at what point do people begin taking responsibility for themselves? When all of the "pep-talks" are said and done; when all of the belly-rubbing and head patting are done, at what point does a person take it upon themselves to take the steps necessary to improve their conditions?

Contrary to popular belief, there is no cookie-cutter recipe for self-improvement. At some point people must do for themselves. There are all kinds of agencies out there to help people find work, but what good are they to the person who will not go to them? People, myself included, have written all kinds of self-help/motivational books full of encouragement and assurances that there are ways to improve our lives, but what good are they to those who won't pick them up and read them?

In fact, MY book will also be available in audio format on CD & available for download from i-Tunes. All a person has to do is pop in the CD or upload it into their i-Pod, and all they have to do is sit there and listen, but what good is that option to a person who would rather listen to Lil' Wayne or Mary J. Blige? I enjoy Mary & Wayne as much as the next person, but Mary and Wayne got theirs. We've got to return to our personal realities and get ours.

As I stated, I understand times are hard. Everyone has their own cross to bear; remember, I acknowleged these things. However, my point is this, you can only do so much for people before they have to pick up and carry their fair share of the load. The people who are just getting by are at least doing THAT much. Those who are successful are those who carry their weight and then some.

Let me share a quick story with you. By vocation, I am a police officer. In my capacity as such, I have a front row seat to what hopelessness really is. One day I had to transport a prisoner from one county jail to the workhouse in my county. When we picked him up and began doing his paperwork, I learned that he and I have the same birth date. Not the samy birth-DAY. The same birth-DATE. We were even born in the same hospital. So, INITIALLY, the only thing separating me from him was a few hours. Granted, we had different families and perhaps different upbringings, but every day he had on this planet, I have had. At some point we became of age to know right from wrong and make our own choices accordingly. In the end, what put me in the front seat of that squad car and him in the back seat of that car was the choices we made in our lives.

Ultimately, the choices we make are what separates ALL of us from one another.

Personally my friend, I believe that there is greatness in everyone, but I also believe that most people are either too afraid or too lazy to tap into the greatness that exists within themselves, and want someone else to do it for them.

With that, I will close with two age-old addages that I am certain you have heard, agree with, and perhaps have even said ...

"God helps those who help themselves."
"You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink."

Just like an addict cannot overcome his or her addiction until they hit rock-bottom and, within themselves, acknowledge that they have a problem, any person who is sick & tired of being sick & tired must see their condition for what it is, and if it's someplace they don't want to be, they must first believe they have the ability to improve themselves, find the power that exists within them, and then TAKE ACTION.

You can see all the potential in the world that a person may have, but if he or she doesn't see it for themselves and utilize it, that potential will only go to waste.


Debora Jackson:
"Reed ... Perhaps you can help motivate the unemployed? There are a lot of unemployed people out there who have given up and lost hope in their ability to find employment, and due to a lack of self-confidence they no longer trust their ability to seek out business ventures/opportunities on their own. Along with that many of them have become stressed out, negative and depressed. They have become their own worst enemy. Perhaps a great inspirational/motivational speaker such as yourself can give them the boost they need."

First of all, let me make one thing perfectly clear. I am NOT the one to pat people on the butt and say “It’s going to be okay” in a soft, warm and fuzzy voice. That’s not where the source of my personal power comes from; therefore, it plays no part in the essence of the message I deliver and how I deliver it. The “HRJR Philosophy” is a bit more aggressive than that.

The essence of the “HRJR Philosophy” is more in line with the mentality that if there is something you want to have in life, you’re going to have to get up off your butt and go after it. Those who follow the “HRJR Philosophy” understand and accept that doing so will not be easy and that it’s not supposed to be. They understand that anything worth having must be earned through some form of struggle so that the victory is truly sweet and the prize well-deserved.

With that said, the root word of “motivate” is “MOTIVE.” Another word for motive is purpose. The purpose of any person who is unwillingly unemployed should be to seek employment. Additionally, the 2nd half of the word “motivate” is “ATE,” which is the past tense of the word “eat.” In other words, the purpose of any person who is unwillingly unemployed should be to seek employment so that they may have the means to eat. In short, they should have a purpose to find the means to eat!

I have no tolerance for quitters. I have no tolerance for people who “give up hope.” As long as you are blessed with the spirit to wake up and get out of bed, you have the means to get out there and grind and make that day better than the one before, and if it doesn’t turn out that way – SO WHAT?! Go to bed with the HOPE to wake up the next day and grind again.

I understand that times are hard. I make no joke of it, and do not take the harshness and humiliation of unemployment lightly. However, the reality is that times are hard for just about everyone on some level or another. In some way, everyone has some kind of cross to bear. Everyone has a sad story to tell; but people have choices, and based on those choices they can determine what the ending of that story can and will be. Based on those choices their story can either end like a fairy tale - happily ever after, or like a Shakespearean tragedy where all of the characters die at the end.

Let’s be real here. For many people, they don’t have a hard time finding a job. They are having a hard time finding the job they want. They are having a hard time finding a job that will pay them what they want to be paid. The key word here is “want.” People have a serious deficiency when it comes to distinguishing the difference between the things they want and the things they need. You might want a job that pays a lot of money; but if you’re unemployed, the reality is you NEED a job that pays money period. You might be qualified for the boardroom, but you might have to work your way up out of the mailroom.

For those people who find themselves with a “lack of self-confidence,” who “no longer trust their ability to seek out business ventures/opportunities on their own,” I can only say that the only place where they can find, cultivate, and exude “self-confidence” is within themselves! The operative word here is "SELF!" However, since "inspiration" is some kind of necessity here ... let's break down the word backwards ...

"ATION" - The result of an action or process.
"SPIR" - The root of the word "SPIRIT".
"IN" - as in "WITH-IN."

Now let's bring it back ... The result of "ACTING SPIRIT WITHIN!"

There is nothing I can say to a person to build them up and shine if they are not willing to flip the switch to the “on” position within themselves. There is nothing I can say to convince a person to “seek out business ventures/opportunities on their own” if they “no longer trust their ability” to do so.

Those who are the greatest at what they do are such because they believe in themselves more than anyone else does. Some people are successful despite the odds because they suffer from an affliction that I call “the Bumble Bee Effect,” which is more commonly referred to as “ignorant intelligence.” They succeed because they don’t know that they cannot succeed. I call it “the Bumble Bee Effect” because by all laws of physics, the bumble bee is not supposed to be able to defy the laws of gravity. Its body is far heavier than its wings’ capacity to carry it, but the only problem is that everybody except the bee knows this. The bee doesn’t know it’s supposed to be incapable of flight, so what does it do? It flies!

So … for those who allow the stress and negativity to get the best of them, they are in fact their own worst enemy. You see, there’s a difference between being knocked down and being knocked out; and even if you get knocked out, if you aren’t dead, at some point you are going to wake up and get up. The room will stop spinning and the stars and birds will stop circling around your head like in the cartoons. When that happens, you get up and you start fighting again. What does every fighter who loses a fight do? They either quit the sport or they go back to the gym and train harder for the next fight.

(MY motivator) Les Brown always says, “When life knocks you down – and it will – try to land on your back; because if you can look up, you can get up.”

Pastor Donnie McLurkin sings, “We fall down, but we get up. We fall down, but we get up. We fall down, but we get up – oh yeah – For a saint is just a sinner who fell down, but got back up.”

This is life.
This applies to getting a job as well. The most important thing is to get something going on so you can have something coming in. You might have to take a job that you feel is beneath you. You might have to go back to school and get more education and training. SO WHAT?! You’ve got to do something!
There is no excuse for being unemployed if there are still jobs in the Classified section of the newspaper, and I have never seen one newspaper with a Classified section that said, “Sorry, we ain’t got nothin’ for you today – Holla back tomorrow!” Get out there and hit the bricks. I don’t care if the add in the paper says, “Mail in your resume’ – Don’t come to the office.” WHAT?! If you’re hungry you better be there to hand in that resume’ in person! What’s the worst thing that could happen – they won’t hire you? Well, if you don’t get the job - you can’t miss what you never had. On the flipside, how do you know whether or not that little blurb in the ad was a trick placed by that potential employer to filter out the hungry from the hacks?

Times are hard now, but those people who believe that to only be a temporary condition; who actively and consistently work towards changing that condition, those will be the people who will eventually find themselves on their way back to top, on the top … or beyond!

No matter how many times you might get knocked down, you will never be considered a failure as long as you get up one more time than you get knocked down.

15 August 2009

My New Daily Prayer & Affirmation

Thank you Lord for blessing me with a sound mind.

Thank You Lord for my divine reversals.

Thank you Lord for loving me so much to forgive me of any unrighteousness.

Thank you Lord for all my family near and far, and watching over them and protecting them.

I love you so much Lord, for without you, where would I be?

15 Aug 2009 ... Today's Thought.

"Where do you shine? You might not be respected on your job, but can work wonders with a church, civic group, or some other activity. Find or create some positive strengths and cultivate them. Shine where you can and do what you can. You can't please everyone everywhere, but you can please someone somewhere and help anyone almost anywhere."

~ HSRjr.

14 August 2009

14 Aug 2009 ... Today's Thought.

"Life is like a roller coaster, you can't enjoy the ride down without the slow climb to the top."


13 August 2009


Tami Stroud:
"How about credit card companies closing your accounts and dropping your available credit down to what you owe on the card, even though you haven't put anything on that card?"

While finance is by no means my strong point, I do know from personal experience that credit is a DANGEROUS game and unfortunately, not many - if any of us get any real training or instruction about it. I remember when I got my first credit card. My father "warned" me about being careful, but he did not "instruct" on HOW to go about being careful. As a result I have spent & continue to spend years AND MONEY making up for my recklessness and ignorance.

It's a deep hole, but the best way to climb out of it is to pay everything off! Never mind these credit counsleing clowns ... all you're doing ("you" generally speaking) is paying THEM to do what you should be doing for yourself. If you owe "ABC" bank "X" amount of money and "XYZ" bank another amount of money, what sense does it make to pay someone else any part of the money that would be better spent paying it to the people you actually owe?

PAY SOMETHING - ANYTHING - AT LEAST the minimum. It shows that you're making an effort to pay your debts. If/when things ease up a little, continue to pay your bills as though times are still tight. In other words, when you pay off one card CUT IT UP and close the account! That way, your credit rating goes up and you don't have to worry about "extra charges" getting put on that account. After you've closed that account, take the amount you were paying on it and apply it to the next card or account. Now, you're increasing your payments and even covering those "finance charges" that are hidden in your "minimum payment due."

I used that formula up until I got to my last credit card. It is now the ONLY credit card that I have. It has a $500 limit, and while not even having a need to use it to that extent or limit, that is what I use to live off of for personal expenses like lunch, toiletries and gas. What little bit I spend I budget to pay off from my paycheck and I have more money in my paycheck to cover the big things like my mortgage, car note, utilities, insurance, groceries, etc.

I find myself having more money left over after bills are paid and I transfer that money into my savings and investments. I would recommend that you read "ZERO DEBT" by Lynette Khalfani. Actually, I would recommend that you read ANYTHING written by her!

Good Luck & Keep the Questions Coming!!


Earlier this afternoon, I asked my "Facebook" friends to pose questions to me that will challenge me to come up with workable solutions. I am pleased to say that they did not disappoint. Get ready to get a whole lot of information because these people are really coming at me with some serious issues! Now here comes the disclaimer ... I am not guaranteeing that my answers/suggestions will be easy to implement. In fact, I WILL guarantee that they will be difficult. SO WHAT?! No risk - no reward. No guts - no glory ... do you really want me to go on?

I will be spending the next couple of days just working on the first few issues posed to me! Below is the first issue posed, and my answer. Enjoy!

Omaar Kareem:
What do responsible adults need to consider after the comfort of momma’s and daddy’s shelter, and after 4 years of college? Speak in terms of paying off loans, paying your taxes; budgeting (on a new graduate salary), and perhaps buying a home rather than renting for the rest of your life. There’s so much info that was not mentioned to students in that four years that you can’t teach. Life has to kick you down to figure it out or finding solutions to make the best of a situation.

The issue here is PREPARATION, and proper preparation is something that is not necessarily taught in school. Parents & teens need to begin preparing for college somewhere in the spring of their sophomore year of high school. By 15-16 years, teens should have SOME idea of what they MIGHT want to do, and if their parents are playing an active role in their choices and development that idea might have even more firm roots.

Parents should be teaching their teens how to open a checking account and how to balance their checkbook. Parents should (first learn & implement for themselves) “the First Rule of Gold,” which is “PAY YOURSELF FIRST.” This is where you save at least 10% of your pay & teach your children to do the same. Next, in “preparing” children for “the real world,” parents should “tax” their teens’ allowances to prepare them for what’s going to happen when they start getting a real paycheck. The only significant difference in that preparation is that the parents should then put that “tax” money into a family activity/vacation account. That way, when the family goes on a trip or just to the movies or Six Flags, the teen can take pride in having contributed to something that the entire family enjoys. In any case, such preparation will assist that teen when they enter into college. Now, even though the teen may be away from home while in school and due a significant amount of independence from his/her parents, the preparation does not cease completely – it’s just less “hands-on.” I think the most important piece of “farewell advice” that parents can give their teens as they head off to college is to STAY AWAY FROM THOSE CREDIT CARD TABLES!

Now, just like that teen was preparing for college in the spring of his/her sophomore year in high school, the same should apply for what’s coming in the following two years after college. What better time to begin focusing on a major and “preparing” for if that major will require post-graduate studies; or if the chosen field will require, or offers internships. This level of preparation also involves finding out what the requirements and benefits are for whatever career fields are up for consideration.

Regarding the issues that one must face after graduating; “in terms of paying off loans, paying your taxes, budgeting (on a new graduate salary),” one should not be waiting until graduation to begin dealing with them. Students who plan on taking out student loans should begin concerning themselves with repaying those loans at the exact same time they are signing their names at the bottom of the loan papers. Student loans will follow you for the rest of your life if not taken care of ... just like an arrest warrant for unpaid tickets! As for getting a house ... well, if all of the above saving and preparation were put into place EARLY ON, having a nice little stash of cash for a down payment and closing costs might not be so hard.

Now, if you’re reading this, chances are it might be too late for YOU to benefit from ALL of the afore-mentioned “preparation.” However, if you have children; or if you’re still in high school; or starting college, you can BEGIN implementing it for yourself and or your children when you DO have them. The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step, so it doesn’t necessarily matter when you take that first step. What matters most is THAT you take that first step. It’s the ONLY way you will ever wind up where you want to be as opposed to finding yourself where you are and have always been just because you never ventured to take that first step.

Proper Pre-Planning Prevents Piss-Poor Performance!

12 August 2009

12 Aug 2009 ... Today's Thought.

Believe it can happen;
Take action to make it happen;
Make it happen ...
Repeat indefinitely.

Easier said than done? Yeah - I know, but so what? What kind of a fool will you feel like if you fail because you allowed some "easy words" to stand in the way of "hard-earned" success?

11 August 2009

11 Aug 2009 ... Today's Thought.

My accountant just charged me $125 for putting his signature on a grievance I'm filing with the IRS. Whether or not I get some DUE money back, HE is going to get paid!

Know what? As CHEAP as I am ... I'm not even mad at that.


Because in America, if you've got the right skills & have mastered your craft, you can name your own price ... AND GET IT!

10 August 2009

Updates & Additions to the "HRJR" Brand!!

Hello Friends,

Just to give you a head's up on where things are with me, my book "FIND A WAY TO MAKE A WAY!" is scheduled for National release on September 8th. That means it will be available in most of your major bookstores like Borders, Waldenbooks & (the big mamma-jamma) Barnes & Noble.

In addition to being available in print, it will also be available as an audiobook in CD format as well as downloadable via i-Tunes. In early October I will be flying out to Los Angeles where I will be doing an interview on Jamie Foxx's "FOXXHOLE Radio" (Sirius-106/XM-149) and a booksigning at Barnes & Noble.

In promoting the "HRJR" brand, I had a few novelty items made for myself. Nothing more than some polo pull-overs, a couple of button down shirts, a couple of sweatshirts, and even a few t-shirts for my wife and son. What's funny was that in addition to the compliments I received for my "HRJR" paraphernalia, there have been inquiries as to if I was selling any.

WELL ... That time has now come.
I now have the following items available with the "HRJR" logo:

Golf & Polo Shirts, T-Shirts (for men, women & kids), Sweatshirts & Hoodies, Infant bodysuits ("One'sies"), Bibs, Bags, Banners, Baseball & Trucker Caps, Mousepads, BBQ Aprons, Clocks, Coffee Mugs, & Beer Mugs.

With that said ...

The "HRJR" brand represents excellence in all endeavors. From wearing a t-shirt to drinking a cup of coffee. When you wear or display the letters "HRJR," people will know you are on a mission!

The "HRJR shop" is NOW OPEN!!
(*A portion of the proceeds generated go to Autism Speaks)

This, my friends is BRANDING & business building IN ACTION. In order to produce your desired results, at some point in time; you have to stop talking about it, develop a plan and put it into motion.

For me right now it's about books, CDs, i-Tunes, clothing & knick-knacks. Soon to come ... Video seminars & workshops. In the not too distant future ... Do NOT be surprised if while flipping channels at 3am, you find me doing an infomercial!

For now ... I would just greatly appreciate your support. I'm not just asking for your dollars. I believe in providing a quality product/service in exchange for them.

Succeeding is not about waiting for opportunity to come knocking. Success comes when you find out where opportunity is hiding and you go bang on the door and tell him you've got the place surrounded (a lil' police humor)!

Again, to get any of the "HRJR" paraphernalia:

To get an autographed copy of my book, "FIND A WAY TO MAKE A WAY!" hit me up via e-mail at: findaway@live.com or just click below

Thanks for all of your support - Past, Present, & Future!
Remember ...