31 October 2008


What you are looking at is my goal for 2009.
It is the new Chevrolet Camaro ...
and it hasn't even hit the salesfloor yet!

If that's not a good enough image for you, check out the video below.

Don't worry about whether or not it's me driving in the video because when I get it, & bring it home, the windows are going to be tinted and you won't be able to see me anyway ...

but like Tupac said ...


27 October 2008

"Small & Teachable" ... Ehhh ... Not Quite!

I recently received some feedback from a presentation I did not too long ago. For the most part, from what I could see, the feedback was good. Out of five or six positive remarks there was one negative one.

The contact person for the group I spoke before suggested that had I allowed her to work with me, the results would have been better. She further suggested that since I had not followed her directly, that perhaps that negative comment was a result of the Lord trying to tell me something. She then suggested that I "stay small and teachable."

"Small and teachable."

Well now ... Here's my take on that.

The Lord is ALWAYS telling us something; and since only HE knows it all, there is always room to learn more which is why we must always remain humble & teachable.

One may start small, but the word "stay" is a word of permanence. As you know there is so much to be gleaned and interpreted from The Word. In the book of Genesis, the Lord says for man to "be fruitful and multiply."

In this context; the context of self-improvement, it can be taken to believe that in order to become better one must learn and grow, which is why I continue to read and read and read, then act and build upon what I have learned.

For example, what if Bill Gates "stayed small" and just kept tinkering in his garage? What if Donald Trump "stayed small" and decided to just own a Century 21 or Remax office? What if Quincy Jones "stayed small" and decided to just be a local background jazz musician? What if Russell Simmons "stayed small" and just kept enjoying the NY club scene and then unnamed yet burgeoning urban street style of music and art which later became Hip Hop?

By the way ... Like it or not, agree with it or not, the fact remains that (probably next to professional athletics) Hip Hop is the source of more self-made black millionaires in history. Bottom line ... The list of examples can go on, because no one who is successful in ANY given field "stayed small."

Don't get it twisted - that means "Please don't misunderstand me" - We must all seek out tutors and mentors in order to take yourself to the next level. You take what you are taught and you incorporate it into whatever your vision is. That is the one thing that everyone I just named above have in common.

I know where I am in my game right now. I know what I want to do and what I have to do to get there. The main difference I have with the person who inspired this particular post can be traced back to an ancient Chinese proverb which (paraphrased) goes, "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear." Although I have long ago learned to humble myself; at the same time, I also have a very strong personality. I look forward to humbling myself to those teachers who appear when I am ready for them.

In short ... I have my vision, and when I want to elevate my skills ("step my game up"), I seek out my teachers, and I suggest you do the same. A lot of times you will find that there are people who genuinely want to help you; but at the same time (and perhaps even subconciously), they want to incorporate you into their vision - which might not necessarily be in congruence with yours.

My studies have taught me - and I pass along to you - that when seeking out a mentor, you should want to choose someone who not only is doing what you want to do, but has or is succeeding at what you're looking to do. Although I have the utmost respect for the woman who offered to mentor me - who claimed to have "25 years of public speaking experience," she herself is not doing what I see myself doing once I have accumulated even half as much time in the public speaking game.

I understand - and even profess that everyone must start somewhere. No one worth their salt actually starts out at the top. A close friend my mine once told me, "the only thing you can do starting out at the top is digging a hole." That phrase keeps me humble at all times! However, NONE OF US can achieve or will ever fulfil our true potential if we "stay small."

Now "teachable?" Absolutely. None of us are or will ever be too old to learn something new. I don't care what kind of work you currently do or what dreams you're fulfilling; if anyone you meet along the way says, "I've seen it all," and genuinely believes it ... RUN LIKE HELL!! That person will be the one who gets you jammed up the hardest!

So ...

You'll have to forgive my stubborness, in that although "starting small" may be necessary, "staying small" is NOT an option.

22 October 2008

Should Your Credit Hinder You From Getting a Job?

On another blog that I follow, the following questions were asked:

"Should your credit report hinder you from getting a job? Is that a form of discrimination? What do you think?"

I was moved to not only answer those questions, but share them with you.

Personally, my credit score has had more ups and downs than a pole dancer on a heart machine, but the reality is that one's credit history is a decent indicator of one's sense and level of responsibility. For example, I was very irresponsible in my early to mid 20's, but as I continued to mature and get more focused at getting my act together, I began to learn just how important my credit history is.

I remember a job interview that used my credit report as a part of its hiring criteria, and they asked me about my credit history. All I could tell them was that the only way I could improve my future was to get that job. Getting that job would allow me to make up for the past (paying off my debts), and thus improve my credit history moving forward.

Again, your credit report shows how responsible you've been regarding paying your debts. Basically, if you prove that you're responsible paying your debts (handling money), it's a safe barometer that you're capable of handling other responsibilities.

Sadly, the only people who might feel they've been discrimanted against are those who might have not gotten a job based on or in part of their credit history.

Let me now finish this blog the way my friend finished her blog ...
What do YOU think?

13 October 2008

I Already AM Who & What I Planned to Become & So Can You Be!

Let me ask you a few simple questions ...

What do you want to be that you cannot be today?

Who or what is stopping you from becoming that person?

Here are the answers ...

NOTHING ... You can be anything you want to be, and be it starting today!

YOU ... You are what is stopping you from becoming the person you want to be!

A couple of years ago, I made the decision to become a Motivational Speaker. A year or so later, I made the decision to write a motivational book to inspire people to take a look at themselves, and see who they are now so that they may take the actions necessary to become better than they are.

Now ... I'm not on the New York Times Best Seller List (yet); and my book has not quite yet found its way to Oprah's book club, but these are only temporary things. You see, before I woke up ... I was sitting on Oprah's couch and she was holding up a copy of my book. After I was on her couch, I was standing in an arena with tens of thousands of people paying attention to my every word. I was taken to that arena by way of a private limo. After my delivery at the arena, that limo took my back to the airport, where there were no lines or checkpoints because the limo dropped me off right at the door of a private jet.

"Wake Up Harold ... YOU'RE DREAMING!"

Yeah ... so? Where do you think great things come from? What do you think it was that made Christopher Columbus want to venture out beyond where others believed the world ended? What do you think it was that made fortunes for men like Russell Simmons, Bob Johnson, George Lucas, Stephen King, & Stephen Spielberg - or women like Oprah Winfrey, Whoopie Goldberg, Toni Morrison, & Terri McMillen? The one thing all of these people have in common is that their success is a result of their putting in the work necessary to manifest their dreams into reality.

The point being ... Everything we have in our hands and around us - EVERYTHING THAT IS TANGIBLE started out as a dream in someone's mind. God gives us dreams to show us what we are capable of having, creating or becoming. Our mansions and cars and custom-made designer clothes, and jewelry are all out there waiting for us to claim them. They're already ours ... we just have to build ourselves up to being worthy to have them.

Everything I have set out to become and have, I became and now have. Everything I plan to become and want, I already have and am. All I have to do it is put forth the work necessary that will unlock the proper universal combination that is going to open the vault to my goals and manifest my dreams into reality.

Many of us know famous people. True story ... I shared a stage with Wyclef Jean. Granted ... it was at our 8th grade graduation ceremony, but I can still say I shared the stage with him! He would always bring his guitar to school and play it during recess, and whenever our teacher would allow him to during the day. We wound up going to different high schools, but we ran into one another at different parties - and he would always tell me how he was working on his music, going to the recording studio and making demos tapes to get a record deal. I remember the last time we saw one another was at a talent showcase around 1993, about a year before his first record with his group "the Fugees" came out.

Many celebrities have come out of my hometown. Like I said, many of us know famous people. To go a step further, many of us know people who are more talented than some of the famous people we know. The only thing that separates them from many of the people who stayed and remain around the way; however, is the work that they put in to be what they become.

I am proud to say that I have not made less than six figures since 2006; just a short four years after entering my chosen career. The fact that I've made this achievement is not super -miraculous either. I started at one place, and then through working hard and networking harder, I was able to put myself (and my family) in a better position. Many of the people who trained me and got me started in my career, are still making what they're making because they've chosen to stay where they are and keep doing what they're doing. The only thing separating me from them is the work I put in to be where I am.

Whatever it is you want to be, you have to see yourself as already being it. You have to see yourself already possessing the things you want. The more vivid a picture you create of yourself being and having these things, the harder your brain will work towards providing you with ideas to manifest those dreams into reality.

Dreams don't just come true by osmosis ... A person's successful reality is nothing more than a dream manifested by the use of elbow grease during the day, and the burning of midnight oil at night.

What we have become and what we will become are direct results of the work we've put into our lives - or not. So ... don't hate on those who have what you want. Instead ... get up off your butt and get yours for yourself.

YOU may not see it, but I already AM who & what I planned to become ... What about you?

05 October 2008

The Fragility of a Young Mind ...

A couple of days ago, I spent 3 hours with a 16 year old girl ... a 16 year old girl who wanted to hang herself. Her home & family life is so messed up, that she sees suicide as her only way to find peace and solace.

Our children are so precious. I do not understand how people can be so cruel as to abuse their children - be it physically or emotionally. I allow very little to touch my heart in my line of work, but kids ... kids do it every time.

I'm not going to get all mushy ... I'm just venting a little.

Please cherish your children.
I know what they can turn into when their not properly cared for.

02 October 2008


I just completed my third tele-seminar with "Teaching New Thinking," and like the previous two ... it went great!

I want to thank TNT President, Chyrell English, for all of her confidence, coaching, belief and encouragement.

I also want to thank my (Groove) brother Fl. Antuane Brown for referring me to TNT. These past three seminars have given me a wealth of experience; and were it not for him, I would not have been pushed to dig deeper!

Finally, I want to thank all of the many members of TNT who took the time to sit in and participate. I hope I have been able to make a contribution to the betterment of and in your lives!

God Bless!
H.S. Reed, Jr.

HRJR & TNT Pt.3 - LIVE Tele-Seminar TODAY @ 3pm EST!

Hey There Friends!

TODAY at 3pm (Eastern Standard Time), I will be conducting a tele-seminar based on my book "Find a Way to Make a Way: You're Either Part of the Problem or You're Part of the Solution!" for an organization called "Teaching New Thinking.""

Teaching New Thinking" is a leadership group within the AT&T corporation. Earlier this year, one of my brothers, Fl. Antuane Brown dropped my name to them and they asked me if I would be interested in doing a tele-seminar. Hell, I'm still a baby (or Neo) in the public speaking game, so I was like "SURE!" After my seminar in August, they asked me to come back in September. After last month's seminar ... well like the old show biz saying goes, "Always leave them waniting more!" They told me that was just what their people wanted ... MORE. So I'm going back for a THIRD performance - BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND!

If you're not doing anything at that time, it costs nothing to dial up and sit in.

There are a lot of things that I know I crack jokes about, but when it comes to self-improvement and encouraging people to step up and take control of their lives ... that just is not a laughing matter!

For more info just follow (or copy & paste) this link:


Take Care ... Hope to HEAR you there,

H.S. Reed, Jr.