31 October 2009

Boot Camp Motivation #2

"I don't like the idea of writing people off, but life is too short to have people who live like dead weight holding me back or slowing me down.

What happens when a ship is sinking - what do they get rid of? ... DEAD WEIGHT. They do this not out of malice, but as a means of survival.

Imagine how smooth sailing through life can be if you drop the dead weight BEFORE your ship starts sinking!" ~ HSRjr.

Boot Camp Motivation #1

"I'm telling you that you can become successful - rich - WEALTHY even; that is, if you really want to.

Now is that "Easier Said Than Done?" Yeah, but if you're one of those people who uses that as an excuse to do nothing to reach that goal, I'm not just calling you a punk ...

I'm calling you a BROKE ASS PUNK!

Don't like it? TUFF! ... Get off your butt, and fight for your share of what's out there!"


Welcome to "Boot Camp Motivation"

Hey ...

I have often said that I am not the typical "PollyAnna/happy - shiny/pat a person on the bottom" type of motivational speaker. In my heart I believe that people are afraid of what they need most ... TRUTH; however, like Jack Nicholson's character said in the movie "A Few Good Men:" "YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!"

Well, I don't accept that. I believe that if people were to begin facing some of the ugly truths in their lives, they would be better equipped to conquer & overcome many of the pitfalls & setbacks in their lives.

There is no greater motivator than a United States Military Drill Instructor! They demand and accept nothing less than the best, and then they demand even more. Better yet, they actually get what they demand! "D.I.'s" tell you what they expect of you, show you how to do it, correct you when you flub it up, and then commence to laying into you until you get it right. Realizing that there's no way to escape them, you begin to produce accordingly; and as you do, the heat goes down ... a little bit.

With that said, I am beginning a new style of post to this blog ... "BOOT CAMP MOTIVATION!"

I am going to begin sharing some thoughts and feelings with you; and short of cussing, I'm not going to pull any punches. I am warning you now ... There is no room for political correctness or faux niceties on the journey to success. Expecting to succeed in these times armed only with a smile and a good intention is like expecting to sail around the world in a row boat. You have to prepare to face and conquer the storms and obstacles you will have to endure.

Sometimes you have to get your feelings hurt in order to strengthen your heart. Know that this motivation is coming from and meant to go to a good place.

Welcome to Boot Camp Motivation!

19 October 2009

19 Oct. 2009 ... Today's Thought

God forgives. So move on with YOUR journey & leave your problems and the people who caused them in His hands. With one hand He will solve those problems, and with the other hand He will make a speed-dial call to Karma and set the wheels in motion for them to get theirs.

You ... might be able to get someone back really good, but can't nobody get got the way God can get them.

"Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord." Rom. 12:19

17 October 2009

Fathers ... STEP UP!

Some people might be disturbed by this video.

ASK ME IF I CARE! I'm just spitting truth as I see it. If you feel I should have said something or all of it differently, then you STEP UP and say what you want - however you want.


BE More Than They SEE

So often in life we are disuaded from achieving our dreams by people who tell us what we are not capable of. After all, the reason why your friends are your friends is because you all share some common interests with one another. But what happens when you develop an interest that is not shared by the other person - or the other people in your sphere?

I remember when I decided to leave school and join the Air Force. That was SO not my character - at least as how I was seen by my family and friends; however, I knew I wanted to do something different with my life at that time and that was the choice I made. I got the same reaction from most of those same people years later when I made the decision to become a police officer. Again, I violated the image that was held by those around me; however, I was doing so to better myself and to find self-satisfaction and not live up to someone else's expectations of what, who, or how I should be.

And now ... Now that I am a published author, I have done it yet again. So many people - especially those I work with - only see me as one way. In other words, they see my uniformed persona and figure that's who I am all the time in their minds. A select few know that is far from the truth. Many people who know me - who see me on a daily basis - can't envision me as a speaker or a writer.

But you know what? That doesn't bother me. Why should it? Why should I be bothered by what someone else cannot see in me? Why should you allow youself to be disuaded from reaching for your dreams by people who claim to care about you? You see ... these are the people I call the "Bubble Busters." They cannot envision a better way for themselves, so they work overtime at insuring you cannot see a better way for yourself.

Why can I not be a speaker? Because "so & so" cannot see him - or herself standing before a room full of strangers - or even friends, acquaintances, and or colleagues and giving a speech, I can't be capable of doing so? I THINK NOT!! Why can I not be a writer? Because "so & so" cannot see him - or herself making the time to write down a stray thought here and there over the years, and then compile and format those thoughts & ideas into a blog; an essay, a short story or even a book? I THINK NOT!!

Why can't you live up to your dreams? Because "so & so" said you weren't worthy? HOGWASH!! I may not have read my bible and my Qu'ran from cover to cover, but I am 99.9999% certain there are not scriptures in either doctrine that refer to a "so & so" telling us we are unworthy of achieving our dreams. What I do know is the devil is a liar, as is anyone who tells you that you are incapable of succeeding if you have it in your heart to put in the work necessary to succeed! Now, I can see if it's someone who is where you want to be and they are telling you that you need to improve yourself. But even if that person is instead destroying your hopes, you must understand why.

There are two dynamics at play here:

(1) Either the person does not want to see you succeed because they cannot (as Zig Ziglar says) "See the reaching" for themselves; i.e., the "misery loves company" & "Crabs in a barrell" scenarios.

or ...

(2) They do see that spark in you, and instead of fanning that spark into a flame of achivement, they try to squash it out because they are afraid that you will either rise to their level and or perhpas even surpass them; in which case they feel threatened by you.

I say to hell with them both! There is so much in this world. God gave us all of this for the taking, but taking something without having earned it or having it rightfully bestowed upon you nothing more than stealing.

Who do you want to be? What do you want to be? Don't worry about what other people can or cannot see in you ... BE more than what they SEE, and once you've become it, you will be the better person for it!

Take Care

Thinking About Money

Ever since I made the decision to start my own business, one of the first things I learned to do was change my outlook on money. I changed the way I thought I was supposed to spend, save, earn & make money. As a matter of fact the very first thing I learned was that there is a significant difference between earning money & making money.

In short, if your only source of income is your job, then I regret to inform you that you are not "making" money - you are earning it. The difference is this ... when you go to work, we show up and punch in. You work for however many hours for the day and then you punch out & go home. At the end of the week you are compensated for the time we worked. You "earned" that money.

However, let's say you find a way to convert an intangible idea into a tangible product - or you create, improve or provide some kind of service wherein which you place your own price upon that product or service. When people come along who are willing to & actually do pay your set price for that product or service; well then my friend, you have made money.

I have debated this issue with people for the past three years - ever since I adopted & implemented this mindset in my life. Who is right? Well, I can only say that in that time I have made more money believing in & using this way of thinking, than those who have debated me and not used it.

That mindeset has allowed me to ascend from being a renter to being a homeowner. It has allowed me to travel across the country, and has allowed me to reduce my debt significantly. In fact, I'm one to two months ahead on many of my utility bills! My student loans are paid off IN FULL; I have no significant credit card debt, and my next car note payment isn't due until December!

If you want to change how much money you have in your pocket and in the bank, you need to change how you deal with money in your mind. The dollar - that paper product - that people both live & die chasing after - is not money. It's currency, and currency is nothing more than a tool used to implement & manifest your ideas & visions into reality. Money is an idea, and however you view that idea will manifest itself in your life.

By that, I mean if you believe that the only people who are supposed to have money are the people who you see on TV, in the movies, and who you listen to on the radio; or wherever you think "rich people" are supposed to be - and you are not one of those people - you then exclude yourself from where you believe the money is; and thus you are excluding yourself from the money!

The people who I observe to be doing well financially are those who start out working for their money, but then reach a point where they shift gears and then begin making their money work for them. It's like watching two cars start off next to each other and travel for a given distance then one of the drivers switches gears and leaves the other car in the dust.

I have a friend who started working for UPS (United Parcel Service) right after high school, who after just over 20 years of employment, is getting ready to retire. While everyone is running around using the economy as an excuse for not doing well, this man is getting ready to retire. How?

Well it's quite simple. He busted his butt for a certain amount of years earning & saving his money. Then he "switched gears" and began investing his money in stocks and real estate. His stocks "make" him money because they continue to perform well. Because he "provides" homes for his renters, he "makes" money there as well. Truth be told ... I wish I had his focus back then!

Ultimately, there is no excuse for being broke. We're all human beings made from the same stuff. The only thing that truly separates us are our circumstances. You cannot choose where you are born or where you grow up, but at some point you can choose where and how you live. When you reach that point, it's all on you. You have to be just as willing to accept accountability for your unfavorable conditions as you would be to take credit for your successes.

There is more than enough wealth out there for us to have. It will never run out! However, if you don't feel you're worthy to have any of it, you will never bring yourself to do what's required to obtain your rightful share of it. If that's how you want to live, that's fine by me. I have no problem taking your share while I'm going after mine.

What is my definition of "MONEY?"


06 October 2009

HRJR Grinding on the West Coast!

This has been an amazing trip! I say this because it never ceases to amaze me how many things can be accomplished not just by believing in yourself, but by also putting in the work necessary to actually accomplish those things. In the beginning of the year I set a goal to aggressively improve my life & my business. I made up the acronym RAC'N (racing), which stands for Responsibility, Accountability, Commitment, & Networking. By increasing each of these attributes into my life I have been blessed to meet a whole lot of great people. Many have helped me, and I have been able to help many of them.

Earlier this year, through networking I came to know a young woman who is the epitome of a person "on the grind." Her name is Claudia Jordan, and she is a model, TV & radio personality. Over the course of the past several months, I have been a frequent & welcomed caller on her radio show. When I informed her that I was a motivational speaker and an author, she asked for a copy of my book and invited me out to Los Angeles to be a guest on her show.

I came out to L.A. on Sunday, and did that show last night:

Below are some special words from me to you!