22 September 2009

How to Make an EXTRA $1,000.00 a Year!

I have a confession to make.

I really do wish, now, that I had paid better attention to certain subjects back when I was in school. Math is one of them. Real talk, I graduated high school in 1988 - but it wasn't until 1996 that I was made to understand how percentages really worked. It was work-related & I really had a good "business" teacher. In a nutshell ... if you're kid - or even you if your still in school - asks "How is math going to help me make money in the future?"

Well here are a couple examples of how that question can be answered!

Would you like to put an extra $1000/year in your pocket? If the answer is "yes" the solution is really simple and does not require an kind of fancy investing or multi-level marketing.

All you have to do is just stash $38.46 every payday! Most of us are paid every two weeks for a total of 26 paydates for the year. Well $38.46 x 26 paydates = $1,000 (actually $999.96, but are we going to split hairs over four cents?).

So, what if you were to stash $38.46 EVERY WEEK?! $38.46 x 52 paydates = $2,000 (actually $1,999.92, but are we going to split hairs over eight cents?).

Don't believe it can be done? Why not? Does that $38.46 per week, or every other week interfere with your leisure money? How much do you spend on lunch every day? How much do you spend at the club on the weekends? How much did those Stacy Adams or latest basketball shoes cost & how often do you buy a new pair?

Recently, a friend of mine asked me, "With the current state of the economy do you think The Rule of 72 still applies?" For those who don't know what "the Rule of 72" is, it is a method for estimating an investment's doubling time. The number in the title is divided by the interest percentage per period to obtain the approximate number of periods (usually years) required for doubling. You'll see how it works in how I answered his question.

My answer was as follows:

It certainly does apply! In today's economy it shows you how you're NOT going to make any money by giving your money to a bank. You're lucky if you can get 2% on an 18 month CD nowadays! So by the Rule of 72, 72 divided by 2 = 36. That means if you put $500 in a CD, it's going to take THIRTY SIX YEARS to turn that $500 into $1,000.00.

But if you take that $38.46 every two weeks and put it wherever you like, in 6 months you've gone from $0.00 to $500; and in just anonther 6 months, you've doubled THAT!


What if you disciplined yourself to open up an "untouchable stash" account and put that $38.46 in it every two weeks - not touching it for 20 years? The key words are "discipline" & "untouchable." It will seem hard, but in time you will see the dollars just stack up and stack up ... AND ... if you do put the money in a bank, you'll make up that four to eight cents difference in interest!

Simple math. That's all this is. I used "$38.46" because that exact number gets you closest to $1,000.000 for the year; however, what if you can afford to stash $50 per paycheck? That's $1300 for the year, and $26,000 over 20 years! ALSO ... Since this money is already coming from your take home pay, there are no taxes to pay over the years because you've paid them already!

Look, there are no secret formulas here. Nothing to sell. This is just the application of simple math and implementin the discipline within yourself to follow the
"First Rule of Gold" ... "PAY YOURSELF FIRST!"

Ever since I first posted this article on my own blog (www.HRJR.blogspot.com), I have friends who have taken this advice, opened up "Untouchable Accounts," and by putting in the amounts that worked for them; in just five weeks, were able to put away between $200 - $500! I have also encountered people who have played the role of skeptic or bubble-buster, and have done nothing. As a result, the only thing extra in their pocket is lint!

If anyone else has a better plan to put $20K -$26K CASH MONEY in my hands in 20 years time ... I'm all ears!

21 September 2009

21 Sep 2009 ... Today's Thought.

"The only way the cream rises to the top is when the BUTTer is WHIPPED!"

~ HSRjr.

17 September 2009

What's Your Plan for the Future?

Time consists of 3 elements: Past, Present, Future.

Use the past to learn from & make the present count. Use the present to plan for the future.

The future is THEN & the present is NOW. As sure as the sun rises in the East & sets in the West THEN ALWAYS BECOMES NOW.

Are you prepared for when THEN become NOW?

If you wait for when THEN becomes NOW to decide to act IT'S ALREADY TOO LATE!

13 September 2009

H.S. Reed, Jr., CPLC.

"CPLC" ... What does "CPLC" stand for?

Well friends ... "CPLC" stands for "Certified Professional Life Coach."

What is a Life Coach?

According to Elizabeth Scott, M.S. ... a Life Coach "deals with relatively healthy people who want to improve their lives in specific ways, such as changing careers, finding a healthy relationship, taking their business to a new level, losing weight or deepening their self-understanding. They deal with stress management as well as time management, goal setting and other key areas of change to help their clients lead more balanced lives that better reflect clients’ personal values and priorities. It differs from therapy in that the focus is more on the present and future than the past, more on goals and behaviors than emotions and emotional patterns, and there is a more equal balance of power between the coach and client than between the typical therapist and client."
Activist & U.S. Congresswoman, Shirley Chisolm once said, "Service is the rent that we pay for the space that we occupy on this earth." This is just yet another way I am "paying my rent."

As a Life Coach, it is not my job to give you the answers. Together we'll develop a partnership in which you will be able to discover the potential for greatness that I already know you have within you!

Athletes have coaches to push & motivate them towards victory. Each and every one of us is playing in this "game" called life, and if you want to be victorious in this game you're going to need a coach too!

For more information about your free consultation, contact me at: CoachReed4Life@live.com

Take Care, God Bless & Remember ... Fortune Favors the Brave!
H.S. Reed, Jr., CPLC

08 September 2009

"FIND A WAY!" Has Found It's Way!

It's been a LONG TIME coming, but the day has finally arrived!


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I am living my dream.
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07 September 2009

Humility Works Wonders!

As a Motivational Speaker, author, and Life Improvement Coach, I am often asked for advice. I also offer a great many encouraging words, but the one area I tend to stay clear of is giving relationship advice. It's the one area where even after ten years of being with the same woman and married to her for eight of those years; and with two kids in, I am still learning the ropes myself. I just do not yet possess the confidence to go about seriously telling other people how to live rich and fulfilling lives together in matrimonial bliss or any other kind of romantically inclined relationship. However, throughout all the ups and downs my wife and I have had over the years we have discovered something that can only be described as a "marital epiphany."

Throughout a great many personal and professional peaks and valleys I have endured over the past couple of years, the one person who has been by my side - come hell or high water - has been my wife, Taria.

About three weeks ago, I let her know that her take on several matters I and we had been dealing with throughout the year was right. With both of us being strong-willed and occasionally stubborn (me more so), this admission was like a light switch being flipped in our relationship.

In fact, it has become somewhat of a fun game between us where we share things with one another and instead of deflecting fault or responsibility; we simply acknowledge that the other person was right, share a chuckle in that the other person conceded, and we move on. Hell, for all I know this little "epiphany" has added years to our marriage!

Now if you're married and you and your spouse are already getting down like this, God bless you & more power to you! But if you're still young & new in your relationship, you might want to take this little bit of advice ... Being right doesn't mean squat if your spouse or partner doesn't acknowledge it, and being wrong will only set to make matters worse if you don't acknowledge it.

A little humility with the one who is supposed to have your back against the world will go a LONG way!

God Bless,

06 September 2009

6 Sept. 2009 ... Today's Thought.

"I had a problem with someone once. So as not to engage in an unproductive argument, I wrote down my feelings & sent them in a letter. The letter was returned unopened. Everything could have been easily resolved; however, our relationship like that letter shall remain forever closed. Resolution must be a mutual effort. Make sure you do your part, & you can walk away with a clear conscience. The hurt will heal in time!" ~ HSRjr.

02 September 2009

2 Sept 2009 ... Today's Thought.

Why are immigrants more likely to become millionaires in America than those people who are born here?

1. They realize that the "American Dream" is something they have to earn.

2. Because they weren't born here, they already know that the "American Dream" is neither a birthright or automatic entitlement.

3. They come here with the mindset to START A BUSINESS while we're born & live here with the mindset to GET A JOB.