27 March 2009

HRJR's "Words of Wisdom" ... I'm Getting Noticed!

Every day, Rev. Joseph Simmons; better known as Rev. Run, or Run from the iconic rap group RunDMC, writes daily affirmations on a listserve called "Rev. Run's Words of Wisdom." It's just a sentence or two that gives people that little push they may need to help them get through the day. Sometimes it's something he comes up with himself, a piece of scripture, or a quote from someone else. There is always a motivational message.

If you've ever seen his TV show on MTV, "Runs House," you see that at the end of every show he's typing these affirmations into his blackberry.

Last year, I had the opportunity to not only meet this man, I gave him a copy of my book - FIND A WAY TO MAKE A WAY! You're Either Part of the Solution or You're Part of the Problem! - which he graciously accepted.

I've been suscribed to this listserve for a couple of years now, and every morning via e-mail, I receive his "Words of Wisdom." Today, I was nearly knocked out of my chair when I observed that two of the quotes he used for today's "Words of Wisdom" were taken
directly out of my book!

One was a quote by Motivational Speaker, Brian Tracy ("BT"), and the other was mine ("HSRjr" which stands for "H.S. Reed, Jr.")

Here is the posting below:

Friday, March 27, 2009

Good morning.

“Most people operate on autopilot, doing what comes naturally. They get into a comfort zone of average performance, and seldom question their behavior.” -BT

"The best way to determine what your life's purpose should be now is to determine what you want people to say about you at your funeral, and then live up to it until that day comes." -HSRjr.

God is Love,
Rev Run
Read more at Run's Words of Wisdom at

Things like this are proof-positive that you are capable of making your dreams come true; that you can make something out of nothing. All you have to do is commit to fulfilling your goals and dreams, and then take consistent action towards their fulfillment. Let God do His thing. Remember, an eternity for us is nothing more than the blink of an eye for God. Contrary to popular belief or whatever we may want for ourselves, we're on HIS timetable - not our own.

All good things come in due time!
Remember ... Fortune Favors the Brave!

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