31 December 2009


“Find a Way to Make a Way,” starts off with a warning statement. I’m letting you know from the start that by picking up this book you are committing to becoming a better person. I am warning you, in no uncertain terms that, “the universe is watching and you shall be rewarded accordingly.” On the page after the warning statement, I am going to put you in a position to commit to your journey, by giving you space to affix your name the date to a “Pledge of Allegiance,” a pledge you are making to yourself and your dreams.

“Find a Way to Make a Way.” What does this mean? There comes a time in everyone’s life when after having to endure struggle after struggle and setback after setback, he or she reaches a moment of clarity and says, “I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired and I have had enough.” But just acknowledging you are dissatisfied about whatever your present situation may be does not make it better. It’s a start, because you are acknowledging that things need to change. Like an addict who cannot really find his or her way to sobriety until he or she admits within themselves that they are addicted, you cannot find your way to brighter days until you first admit that there is a dark cloud over your head.

I came up with the title for this book by just reflecting over my life after considering myself to be “in a happy place right now, that’s only getting better.” The reason for this is because I spent several years getting my mind right and then after reaping the benefits from that course of action, I found myself in a position where I was able to get my money right by taking responsibility for my past debts and educating myself towards handling what I have now so that I can have even more in the future.

I only wish to share some ideas with you. I only want to share what has worked for me with the hopes that it may work for you. I want for this book to be the match that lights the fire under your bottom to demand more … to demand more not from the world, your job, or the people around you, but to demand more from yourself. It is my hope that this book serves as a jump start to your soul, so that you can begin running towards achieving whatever you believe will make your life better. This book is mostly a testimony of my life’s journey’s past and present, as well as an extended hand inviting you to get on board and pay closer attention to your own life’s journey.

There are some things we can do and some things we can’t do. It’s easy to determine what we can’t do. All we have to do is say, “I can’t do it,” and abra-kadabra … you can’t do it. There are some things that we will do and some things that we won’t do. It’s easy to determine what we won’t do. All we have to say is “I won’t do it,” and abra-kadabra … like magic, you won’t. It’s just as easy – yet at the same time difficult to say what you can and will do. Talk is easy – and cheap; however, what makes it difficult is when you say you can, and when you say you will, you are making affirmations to yourself that – if you are a person of integrity – you have to commit and live up to. The words “commitment” and “integrity” will be repeated countless times throughout this book. Commitment means the act of binding yourself (intellectually or emotionally) to a course of action. Integrity means adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.

Throughout reading the book you see that in order for you to be able to successfully “Find a Way to Make a Way” to overcome the obstacles you will face on your journey, you will have to bind yourself to your course of action, and you will have to be honest and true to yourself and to those around you. When I tell you that you have to bind yourself to your course of action, it is not an absolute. There will come times when you will have to change your approach. What you are in fact binding yourself to is the act of doing something over doing nothing. Integrity comes into play because you have to be honest with yourself when something isn’t working, and whichever change in course you decide to take, you must honorable in those actions as well.

On every single page of “Find a Way to Make a Way,” it is easy to see that I believe there is greatness in everyone. I also believe that most people are either too afraid or too lazy to tap into that greatness, Those of us – yes, you too, who are willing to draw a line in the sand, and instead of daring the universe to cross it – jump across it ourselves are the ones who will live life with passion and excitement!

I hope you take a chance and invest in your greatness ... I'm willing to!


Available in print & Audiobook! To get a personally autographed copy from the author, send an e-mail to findaway@live.com.

29 December 2009

How Am I Getting Along with Diabetes?

I have been asked that question quite often since last month.
So to answer all questions in detail ...In a word, I'm doing great!

When this whole thing first went down, I should have been in a coma. By that, I mean the normal & healthy range for our blood sugar is between 80 to 120 mg/dl (whatever that is ...lol). When I tested myself at Taria's parent's house that night last month my blood sugar was at 518. I ate dinner, took a nap for about an hour and tested myself again when I woke up. My blood sugar was at 525, so we went to the hospital. When they tested me at the hospital my blood sugar was 580. I had the nursing staff perplexed because I was cracking jokes about them not letting me eat anything instead of being the diabetic coma that I obviously should have been in.

Anyway, they had me on an I.V. for the following three days. When I got discharged, they put me on a restricted daily diet of (initially) 1800 calories - but I got that changed to 2200 calories, and for the first three to four weeks out of the hospital Taria was my food nazi, regulating every single thing I ate and calculating the calories. They also gave me a device to check my blood sugar. I have always eaten decently, now I'm just even more disciplined about it. I can even enjoy drinking ... everything is all good ... in moderation. I almost had to beat up my mother in-law on Christmas morning because she tried not to let me have regular syrup on my pancakes ... It almost got really ugly (LOL)!

I'm at a point now where I'll check my blood sugar about twice a week. In fact, I tested myself today and it was at 121. I'm down 20lbs from where I was when this all started, but I was already dieting to lose that weight, so I'm NOT giving Diabetes the win for my weight loss!

For me ... I take care of myself. I take my insulin & a sugar pill twice a day. It's no different than you taking a multi-vitamin in the morning and before you go to bed. That's how I look at it. When I told people I had Diabetes, I got so much of what I call, "Positive-Pessimistic" support. I gave it that name because I know that everyone was coming from a good place, but there were things said to me that would have people thinking I told them I had AIDS, herpes or cancer! Diabetes for me was nothing more than God's way of telling me that I need to take even better care of this temple He stored my spirit in because He's got some serious plans for it!

I'll treat Diabetes like I've treated every other obstacle or opponent I've encountered ... I'll look it in the face, turn it around and kick it in the ass!

`Nuff Said!
You have a Happy New Year!


From time to time I create mottos for myself just to give myself that extra push I need to overcome my obstacles. My "personal motto" for 2009 was "Aggressive R.A.C.'N. ('racing')," which stands for Aggresive "Responsibility Accountability Commitment & Networking."

Being aggressive in all of these areas brought me great rewards this year. I was able to overcome serious financial issues - including paying off my car note a year early, expand my businesses, make a lot of great friends & connections, fly across the country "first class" for the first time ever in my life, and be broadcasted on everything from local cable to YouTube to worldwide exposure on Jamie Foxx's Foxxhole Radio on Sirius/XM Satellite radio station.

In light of all I have achieved this year, I have come up with what will be my "personal motto" for 2010: "G.R.I.N.D." which stands for "Generating Real Income - Not Debt."

By now, many of you know I have written a motivational book entitled "FIND A WAY TO MAKE A WAY!" If you bought your copy between Spetember `07 & April of this year (the "black" cover), you should hold onto it and take care of it, as those are the copies that I self-published and are now out of print.

Last year, I signed a publishing deal and hit 2009 hard with my book being re-released as a 2nd edition - available as a 5 CD audiobook as well as in print! Additionally, I have produced my first of what will be many motivational CDs. This dynamic 48 minute audio CD is called "MAKE IT HAPPEN! 10 Keys Towards Success!"

In a nutshell, I am a student of success. All I do is attend seminars, read books, and listen to CDs & tapes containing different strategies to succeed. I use what works, discard what doesn't, then share what I have learned and done so that others may do the same.

Going into 2010, I am pleased to inform you that my books & CDs are now available on E-Bay ("Buy It Now" - NO AUCTIONS). All copies bought via the links below are autographed & shipped by me personally. All you have to do is go to http://www.ebay.com, copy & paste the corresponding item number for the product you want in the search box:

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The time to act on achieving your goals and dreams is ALWAYS NOW!
look forward to your support!

God Bless, Happy New Year & Remember ... FORTUNE FAVORS THE BRAVE!

25 December 2009

Millionaire in the Making

Videos like this are exactly why I will be focusing on
financial literacy,
financial empowerment,
& financial independence in 2010!

(Just in case you cannot see the above video, follow the link below!)


20 December 2009

HRJR - "FIND A WAY!" Progress & "Thank You" Shout-Outs

This was a tremendous year with many more up's than there were down's and I'd like to give some folk their due shine. If I do not mention your name, however, please know that it was a mistake of the head & NOT the heart!

10 December 2009

The New Motto for 2010 ... G.R.I.N.D.

What are your goals for 2010?

Personally, 2008 was a horrible year for me. Money was tight. I had problems with my job. I had problems with my mortgage company, and several times throughout the year my wife and I were not getting along (nothing threatening to the marriage, but there were times when there was just a lot of silence in the house). No matter what, the one thing I kept in my mind was that the year had to come to an end, and with that in there was a brighter day.

At the start of 2009, I created an acronym: R.A.C.N. "R" stands for Responsibility. "A" stands for Accountability. "C" stands for Commitment, and "N" stands for Networking. I placed the word "aggressive" in front of it, and that became a model for the year. I was aggressive in taking responsibility for my life. I was aggressive and being accountable for my failings and setbacks. I was aggressively committed to improving my life, and I approached networking very aggressively. As a result my business improved, my income improve, my marriage improved, I was able to meet a lot of new people, and even travel around the country.

That acronym got me through the entire year of 2009. Certainly it will continue to benefit me as a move forward on my journey; however, in order to get new results we have to try new tactics.

Therefore, for the year 2010 on creating a new acronym: G.R.I.N.D., which stands for "Generate Real Income - Not Debt.” One thing I've noticed is that all year long I always talked about "being on the grind" will now more so than ever moving forward toward grind will have an entirely new meaning. Additionally, this acronym sums up my goals for the year 2010.

Stuart Wilde, author of the book "The Trick to Money is Having Some!" wrote "If one asks, ‘Do you sincerely want to be rich?’ Most people answer, ‘Yes,’ but not many of those answering in the affirmative lax with me. They can imagine well in a lush lifestyle, but they don't really believe they can have it, or they don't believe they are worthy, or they are happy for those fantasies to rest solely in the mind do not actually have the force of intention to go out and get what they want.”

One reason why most people won't achieve financial success is because most people are afraid of putting in the work necessary to succeed financially. One of the most enlightening things I'm learning on my journey is that there is enough of an abundance of wealth for everyone, however, not everyone goes after the share that the universe has allotted for them. As a result this creates even more of a surplus of wealth in the world.

Some people are satisfied with just settling for a little bit of comfort. However, I submit to you that sleeping on the ground is more comfortable than sleeping under the ground; sleeping on a cot more comfortable than sleeping on the ground, and sleeping in the bed is more comfortable than sleeping on a cot. So as you can see, the concept of comfort to subjective to whatever standards the person deems appropriate for him or herself.

Ultimately you have to do what's comfortable for you.
Me... going into 2010...