22 February 2009

Why People Who "TRY" Seldom Succeed

"Nothing beats a failure but a try"

This may be true; however, it has been my experience that "trying" just doesn't quite cut it. Trying something implies that you're making an effort and that is a good thing; however, there is a difference between just making an effort and putting forth the effort necessary to succeed.

How many people have actually succeeded when they have said any of the following:

I'm going to try to quit smoking.

I'm going to try to quit drinking.

I'm going to try to quit gambling.

I'm going to try to quit cheating.

I'm going to try to get better grades.

I'm going to try to get that promotion.

I know people who have said each and every one of these things. Conversely, none of them have succeeded at what they have "tried" to do. There is one simple reason why I believe these people, and millions like them have not succeeded at the things they have "tried" to do in life.

In a nutshell...


There is no commitment in trying and commitment is what is needed in order to succeed. When you are committed to something there are no other alternatives. When I think of commitment I often think of the Spanish conquistador Hernando Cortes, who in the 1500’s arrived in Mexico with the goal of conquering it and adding it to the Spanish empire. Knowing he was outmanned & out gunned, in order to prevent his men from staying behind or deserting, he ordered his ships be burned. In other words, there was no turning back.

When you are committed to a goal, and you are steadily working towards achieving that goal, with every passing day that goal comes closer to you. When you’re “trying” to achieve a goal, every time you stop putting forth the required effort, you lose ground. Every time you pause you run the risk of having someone else step up and take your place.

These are lessons that can be learned as young as your teens. It’s as simple as deciding between if you’re going to try to ask that pretty girl or guy to dance or if you’re actually going to do it. While you’re sitting there “trying,” the person who is committed to dancing with that pretty girl or guy is going to step to him or her and may very well get that dance.
Here’s the thing about life. We live in a world where it is very possible for a person to make something out of nothing. We live in a world where you can turn an intangible idea into a tangible reality. The secret to doing this is commitment.

This is the difference between making it to the Super Bowl or the World Series and actually winning the Super Bowl or the World Series. This is the difference between wanting to be a singer, athlete, chef, or scholar and actually being any of those things.

You see, the most powerful sentence in the English language is also the shortest...


There leaves no room for the concept of “trying” in this sentence. This sentence screams commitment. When you use this sentence, you stake your claim in the world. Even if you’re not there yet all you have to do is add the words “going to be,” and that alone can stand as a warning to the world around you and the universe above that you are committed to becoming more than what you presently are.

Where and what you are in your life is a direct reflection of the level of commitment you have applied to yourself. All of us are human. On that note we are all on the same accord. It is not our color or ethnicity that separates us, but our surroundings and conditions. We do not have any control over the conditions that we are born into and raised under; however, we do have absolute control over the surroundings and conditions we live and raise our families in as adults.

I was born and raised in the so-called ghetto. I no longer live in the so-called ghetto. Many of my friends and classmates from my youth have become successful while others have lived hard lives. What separates us in our varying degrees of successes & failures are the choices we’ve made throughout our lives. The same applies for you and the people in your sphere of experience.

Again, there is no success guaranteed to those who “try.” There is no commitment in trying. You have no true stake in what you are “trying” to do. If you want to excel and become better and successful then you are going to have to commit yourself to it. This is non-negotiable. The number one price you must pay in order to succeed is that you must commit.

“Nothing beats a failure but a try,” but without commitment you are more inclined to fail than succeed. There is no room to “try” when your mindset is committed to do or die.

07 February 2009

Some Healthy Venting

Don't get it twisted. Becoming & being a motivational person means you must first embrace its opposite and then grow away from it. This ain't a fingersnap - it's a process!

People seem to have this HUGE misconception that by being a person who promotes positive thinking & the channeling & converting of said thinking into positive action in order to produce positive results, you aren't entitled to have negative feelings.

It's very much like how society views its celebrities in that because they live their lives a certain way, they are no longer entitled to enjoy or indulge in something more simple. For example, although many celebrities can afford to eat anywhere on the planet, why is it such a big deal if you catch one eating at Fuddrucker's or Burger King?

Granted, I am a motivational speaker - following in the paths of Les Brown, Zig Ziglar & Tony Robbins to name a few. However, as powerfully motivating and inspirational as these men are, to think that there aren't times when things happen that striaght PISS them off is sheer lunacy.

If I'm pissed, I'm pissed. I face whatever it is that has gotten under my skin; and through enduring it, I work my way through it back to finding a positive outcome - or just putting the matter behind me. But don't think for one minute that because of a person's status that he or she is not just as equally entitled to the same primal feelings you have.

For me ... this is one of my methods of working through my negative feelings - at least those that I can share.

04 February 2009

This One's for My Mom!

Hey Friends ...

I don't really make a habit out of smiling
in the majority of pictures I take.
In fact, it has really been only within the past two years that anyone can actually recall seeing any pictures of me smiling since childhood.
(Excluding my wedding)

In any case, I'm in the process of taking and choosing pictures for the new cover of my book & I figured these few pics would make my mother happy.
(Okay ... I'm not smiling in THIS one, but dammit I LIKED IT!)