15 November 2009

Boot Camp Motivation #4

"If you stop reaching for your goals today, when you speak of 'back in the day' all you will have between now & then is a littany of failures, woulda' been's, shoulda' been's, coulda' been's & shame." ~ HSRjr

11 November 2009

Thoughts From My First Book Signing

I have come to learn that life is so much better when you determine for yourself wherein which your greatness lives. Success is creating your own destiny - Not waiting for someone who is just as human as you to validate your greatness. Why be a peasant in the eyes of others when you can see a king everytime you look in the mirror?

Whose eyes do you believe - theirs ... OR YOURS?!

08 November 2009

Boot Camp Motivation # 3


WOW ... This past week was crazy! I had to go home early from work last Sunday because I was sick to my stomach. Don't know where it came from, but something died inside of me! I went home & took it down, but got up and went right back to work the next day and finished the rest of my four day tour of duty!

I went on a short road trip last Tuesday and when I got home early Wednesday morning all I could do was collapse in bed! I spent 90% of Wednesday, Thursday & Friday in bed. First was the fever, then came the chills, and I was drinking so much water ... You can imagine the results!

Saturday - yesterday - I gave my friend my word that I would speak at her Sorority's business workshop, so I dug deep and pulled out a great presentation.

My theme for this past week is, "Sometimes You Gotta Play Hurt." If you can get out of bed then you've got to hit the ground running. You might only be operating at 70% or 80%, but if the opposition doesn't know what to expect from you, and they only see you coming at as full blast as you can muster ... that might be all you need to bowl them over & be victorious!

Never let `em see you sweat!

07 November 2009


Hi everyone, I've been down for a few days but I have not been out!

Today I spoke at the 15th Annual Making Achievement Continuous Conference given by the distinguished and sophisticated ladies of the Delta Chapter of the Chi Sigma Upsilon Latin Sorority Incorporated at The College of New Jersey.

I promise to return to my blog responsibilities, but I'm also going audio!

I found a great outlet to produce podcasts, and the more acclimated I get to it the more live & direct messages you're going to get from me!!

Enjoy today's speech!