19 April 2011

01 April 2011

Interested or Committed ... Which Are You?

Are you "interested" in living a better life or are you "committed" to it? You see, there IS a significant difference between the two. Things that tickle our fancy, or that we find interesting can easily be replaced by the very next thing that tickles our fancy.

However, when you are committed to something, you have put yourself on a course towards achieving it. It could be a better job, a better relationship, or an overall better life; if you are truly committed to succeeding in a given endeavor your chances are far more greater than if you just acknowledge an interest in it. Therefore, if you truly want to achieve your goals - whatever they may be, you must learn to convert your interest into commitment.

For example, if you walk onto the lot of a car dealership and look around, you're going to be approached by a salesman. You're going to tell him that you're "just looking," but he's going to dig in by asking you question after question about what you are LOOKING FOR.

Then he's going to go about showing you cars that satisfy what you said you were looking for. He's going to show you all the bells and whistles, and if you're on YOUR game, you will ask more specific questions about mileage, warrantees and such. He'll then let you test drive a car or two, and then invite you in to run some numbers.

A half-hour to an hour later (if your credit is not too jacked up), you're driving off that lot in a new car. The salesman turned your INTEREST into COMMITMENT.

Nothing worth having will ever come easy. To paraphrase Frederick Douglass, without struggle there is no progress. You must be honest with yourself with regards to what you want to do and achieve in life. Take stock of what it is you find "interesting." Once you've done that, prioritize those interests. Once you've listed those "interests," COMMIT YOURSELF to seeing them through.

In the process, you will learn what's really important to you. In the process, you will learn what you are REALLY committed to - and once you have learned what you are committed to, you will be on your path towards achieving the greatness that is destined to be yours.