03 July 2011


A friend asked, "How much faith do you really have? Would you put all your eggs in one basket with faith? Yes, No, or maybe and Why?" My answer is below ...

Many people - most notably Steve Harvey - believe that if you have a "plan B" then you lack faith in your "plan A." I do not subscribe to this belief. If you KNOW you cannot fail then by all means, go all-in; however, in life it is rare when you're going into a major venture knowing you cannot or will not fail.

Faith is no excuse to ignore or neglect thinking practically. If you put all your eggs in one basket and that basket gets tipped over, what happens to your eggs? If you're playing blackjack in Vegas & you go all in asking for hits when the dealer is showing a King & then flips an Ace ... what happens to your money?

Even though I often use the acronym "Follow One Course Until Successful" for the word "FOCUS," this is NOT an absolute - nor is the acronym for "PUSH," "Pray Until Something Happens." No battle is won, nor any success achieved by blindly following JUST one course and or sitting on your butt praying and doing nothing else but.

Contingency plans exist to give us options. If you're putting yourself on a path to acheive more for yourself in life; it's bad enough you will have haters and all other kinds of obstacles placed in front of you, so why would you voluntarily eliminate options for yourself by having in faith in only one option?

No ... Have faith in achieving the goal overall and use however many options that present themselves or that you create to get there.