24 June 2012

Just Can't Fall Asleep?

Sure you can ... You just won't.

It's a psychological thing. Like most people, you might be accustomed to going to bed only when you get sleepy or tired. This is the equivalent of driving your car day in & day out and not getting gas or changing the oil until those particular lights come on. Thinking about it THAT way, aren't you and your car headed for a hard time if your gas or oil lights come on?

Don't wait until you're drop-dead tired to go to sleep. You must discipline yourself to get in bed a certain time. Once there, just lay there, be still and breathe. Your body will do the rest. Being still will slow everything down and your body will begin its dormant process. 

After all, our bodies are machines and every machine functions a certain way. There are many different kinds of automobiles and televisions and phones that have different features and capabilities, but if you run them non-stop they will eventually burn out. If you run your body until near exhaustion every day, you're only putting off the eventual burnout that's coming. 

Be still and rest my friend.

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